Microsoft wants to control your hardware


How to Set Up Your New Windows Computer

A brand-new Windows PC, fully updated and unsullied by crapware, is a wonderful thing. Sadly, very few people ever get to experience it—but you can!

At least, that seems to be the implication of its new “digital manners policy” patent, which would force your gadgets to receive “orders” from a digital Miss Manners overlord. For example, a movie theater could automatically switch all phone in the audience to vibrate when the movie starts.

Maybe that would be nice, but when I bought my phone, I did not do it on the assumption that it would be controlled by someone else. I bought it so that I could use it myself. Same goes for my laptop, which I do not really want anyone controlling, thank you very much.

First DRM, now DMP. Microsoft is no longer making software for its customers, but for people who want to control its customers. I will stick with software and hardware I can use how I want to, thank you very much.

One more reason I am happy I am no longer a Microsoft customer.

Microsoft patents “digital manners policy” | BoingBoing Gadgets


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