google-app-syncIn its quest to replace Microsoft Exchange, Google will soon offer a full Google Apps sync for Outlook, so that users can seamlessly transition from Microsoft Exchange Server (or, presumably, just plain Outlook) to Google Apps. A one-click installer is available now.

Everything works great except for the email sync, since Google has apparently not updated the Apps control panel with the setting to enable it just yet.

Unfortunately, this does nothing to enable contacts sharing between Google Apps user accounts, which is the feature I really need.

Here is Google’s video introducing the new sync app:

Edit: It looks like full functionality is only available to Premium Edition users. I had no trouble getting this to sync my calendar and contacts, but it would not do email.

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook | Google Apps (via Lifehacker)

3 responses to “Google Apps sync for Outlook coming soon”

  1. Interesting. Will it also sync with a BlackBerry? I see where you posted last year about the ability to sync GMail Contacts to a BlackBerry, but what about Calendar, To-Dos and E-mail? This would be fantastic, since I am looking to get a BlackBerry soon, but my Exchange Server hosting company does not support BlackBerry.

  2. Sam Glover says:

    It will sync with a Blackberry through Outlook, if you like. But Google already has a Blackberry app that will sync contacts, calendar, and email directly. I don’t think it does tasks, yet, but I assume that will come as Google’s Task app matures.

  3. Phillip Knox says:

    You might try using Thunderbird with the Zindus extension to sync the contacts between Google accounts. It might take a little work as far as setting Thunderbird up properly for your needs goes, but it would be a lot easier and cheaper than setting up an Exchange server.

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