Law School Tuition Bubble crunched some Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data and figured out that lawyers are leaving the profession at an overall average of 25.5%. That’s not attorneys who are retiring. The retirement rate is a relatively non-terrifying 17.1%. But for “occupational transfers,” which is BLS-speak for “bailing out of being lawyers,” we’re seeing one of every four lawyers leave. And if you’re wondering how that compares to other professions …

But the real money is in comparisons among the professional occupations, which are generally doctors, dentists, and lawyers. Lawyers’ occupational transfer rate is double doctors’ and dentists’.


If you are a number-crunching sort, there’s a handy chart at the link that will allow you to compare the lawyer brain drain to everything from podiatrists to environmental science teachers.

Featured image: “Exit – Businessman running exit door sign , emergency” from Shutterstock.

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