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Last week we announced our acquisition of the legal humor site Bitter Lawyer. We’re pretty excited about it. Bitter Lawyer has some great, hilarious content (and some terrible, crazy-awful stuff, too). We think it will be a fun extension of our online publishing work.

But apparently some folks (like our buddy Scott Greenfield) think we’re complete idiots for doing this. Fair enough.

What do you think?

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  • I’d like to have voted “time will tell,” but I’m guessing you must have made Rick a better offer than I did, and from what I know about auction theory, that means I think you made a big mistake.

    We discussed this on the latest Blind Drunk Justice, and what I think is going to be the biggest hurdle is the lack of continuity in the staff. You can look at Saturday Night Live or The Simpsons to see what happens when you try to run the same operation after losing all of your writers.

    I hope the site does well, but without new episodes of Living the Dream you’ve got a steep hill ahead of you.

  • Craig

    I was a big fan of the site, regular commenter, and one time contributor (hopefully my contribution fell under the “great, hilarious content” and not the “terrible, crazy-awful stuff). So I am definitely looking forward to you guys bringing the site back. I never heard of you guys before you put up the alert on Bitter Lawyer, which I always checked once or twice a month, hoping for a revival. So you got at least one extra reader out of the acquisition.

  • Craig

    Not that I really have a stake, but you got rid of the funniest material on the site. Is the plan to water it down? In that case, I change my vote to Other: I don’t care.

    • Bitter Lawyer is briefly under construction as we prepare for the re-launch, but I can assure you we haven’t got rid of any of the old posts.

      • Craig

        Thank you for the response. I guess I will need to be more patient. Looking forward to when the site gets fully operational again.

        • Ask, and ye shall receive: Return from the Black Lagoon

          • Craig

            Thanks for the heads up. Glad to see they are trying to pick up where the blog left off, more or less. I need to remember to go back to checking Bitter Lawyer on the daily, starting now, I guess.