The ABA Journal kicks off its “24 Hours of Legal Rebels” this morning with an essay by Legal OnRamp’s Paul Lippe, a predictive survey of the 2011 legal landscape. Every hour, a new essay, interview, video, radio show, or something will go up, until your brain is full of ideas, predictions, problems, and more.

My own essay, Lawyers Must Evolve or Face Extinction, goes up at 4 p.m. tomorrow.

Here is the whole schedule:


8 a.m.
Essay: The Legal Landscape in 2011
Paul Lippe, founder of Legal OnRamp

9 a.m.
Essay: Disaster Ahead for Lawyers Unwilling to Change
Richard Susskind, author of End of Lawyers?

10 a.m.
Live Debate: Twitter: Waste of Time or Marketing Goldmine?
Rex Gradeless, founder of Social Media Law Student
Larry Bodine, founder of Larry Bodine Marketing

11 a.m.
Essay: Ethics Rules Are Spinning BigLaw Into ‘Death Spiral’
Larry Ribstein, professor, University of Illinois College of Law

12 p.m.
Live Webinar: Why Twitter Matters to Lawyers
Essay: Smart Lawyers Will Use Twitter for Client Development
Kevin O’Keefe, founder of LexBlog

1 p.m.
Essay: State Bar Admission is Irrelevant
Bob Ambrogi, founder of LawSites

2 p.m.
Live Radio Show: Putting Value Into Practice
Paul Lippe, founder of Legal OnRamp

3 p.m.
Essay: Bring 3Ls on as Unpaid Interns Doing Real Work
Rob Bodine, contributor to What About Clients

4 p.m.
Live Twitterview: Lawyers & Social Media
Nicole Black, founder of Practicing Law in the 21st Century-A Law & Technology Blog

5 p.m.
Essay: Profession Needs to Clean Up After the Boomers to Move Forward
Mazy Hedayat, founder of Practice Hacker

6 p.m.
Essay: Work-Life Balance Lessons for (and from) Micro-Firm Lawyers
Lisa Solomon, founder of Lisa Solomon Esq., Legal Research & Writing

7 p.m.
Essay: The Billable Hour is a Disservice to Lawyers, Clients and Justice
Mike Skoler, CEO of Sokolove Law


8 a.m.
Audio Chat: Working Collaboratively Works Best
Tom Mighell & Dennis Kennedy, co-authored Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technology

9 a.m.
Essay: Charon QC: Education Costs Money, But Then So Does Ignorance
Charon QC

10 a.m.
Audio Q&A: Law 2.0
Jason Mendelson, Mendelson’s Musings

11 a.m.
Essay: ‘We Don’t Run This Show Anymore’
Jordan Furlong, Law21

12 p.m.
Essay & Audio Q&A: Students Need to Learn to Become ‘Whole Lawyers’
Max Miller, director, Innovation Practice Institute, University of Pittsburgh law school

12:30 p.m.
Essay: Students Need to Learn About The Profession They’re Joining
Ann Southworth, professor, UC Irvine

1 p.m.
Blog Talk Radio: Why Openness & Transparency at Law Firms Matters
David Lat, founder,

2 p.m.
Essay: It’s Time to Abolish the Role of the State Bar
Bruce MacEwen, founder of Adam Smith, Esq.

3 p.m.
Blog Talk Radio: Why Are Lawyers So Tech Shy?
Denise Howell, This Week in Law

4 p.m.
Essay: Lawyers Must Evolve or Face Extinction
Sam Glover, co-founder of Lawyerist

5 p.m.
Essay: Improve Legal Education Via Technology & Online Learning
Audio Q&A: Aren’t There Already Too Many Lawyers?
Barry Currier, Dean of Kaplan’s Concord Law School

6 p.m.
Essay: Trust Young Lawyers & They Won’t Let You Down
Jay Edelson, partner KamberEdelson

7 p.m.
Live Chat: Law Practice Plus: Solos and Entrepreneurship
Carolyn Elefant, MyShingle
Lisa Solomon, Legal Research & Writing Pro

24 Hours of Rebels | ABA Journal

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