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  • Sam,

    You make a great point about how many bad lawyer logos there are out there. And, I agree that every piece that leaves your office–business cards, letterhead, email, etc.–should reflect your firm “brand.” But, as I went through the process of designing my website and “logo,” I became convinced that simple can be better.

    My “logo” was designed by a designer for a professional ad agency (these folks often work freelance, and are far less costly than you might think), and I love it. She discouraged me from using a symbol or artsy design piece. Instead, I’ve used what designers call a simple “type treatment.” Just font and color. I think its professional, without being overtly commercial. I mention this just to caution others against going too far with logo design. After all, we are lawyers, not Nike.

    • Rob,

      We obviously agree with you, since Lawyerist’s branding and logo are just a cool font Sam found a few years ago.

      • Yeah, but I’m like a super-professional-awesome designer. Don’t try this at home, folks.

  • Jay S. Fleischman

    I’m a fan of 99Designs. I had the logo for Legal Practice Pro done with 99Designs and enjoyed the experience so much I went back for a logo for The Inspired Solo. Not a hands-off process, but an enjoyable one overall.

  • Another +1 for 99designs. Just used them for two logo design projects this week. Has anyone used them for theme design/coding? I’m curious about results.

    Viva crowdsourcing!

  • Anyone have any experience with a WordPress theme through 99designs?