A little over a year ago, I posted about my frustration, both with the speed and stability of Time Matters with Billing Matters Plus v7 and with the CIC Solutions Forum, which purports to be a place where users can get support from certified consultants, but where my post about how to speed up TM7 was quickly quashed.

The post has been popular, attracting a significant portion of the search engine traffic to this site and a number of posts from similarly-frustrated Time Matters users and IT professionals.

I have not used Time Matters since shortly after that post. While I said there that Time Matters was a time saver, even with its flaws, I quickly found the opposite to be true once I stopped using it. I used the Billing Matters portion until last September, when I switched my business form and closed out my books, but those were frustrating months, even though I hired a consultant to work with me.

I have never been happier. Case management is much easier without Time Matters, and a good deal faster. I use Outlook, Evolution, Thunderbird with Lightning, or several other programs as they catch my fancy. I am much happier keeping my books using GnuCash, although I would use Freshbooks if I had more hourly-fee clients to bill.

Commenter Wells Anderson is undoubtedly right that Time Matters is a popular piece of software. So is Internet Explorer 6. Neither are particularly good programs; many users simply are not aware that there are better alternatives. Or don’t care.

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