A study in marketing: Peter “P’Ta Mon” John, “The Thugs Lawyer”


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Peter John

When it comes to marketing your practice, it is essential to know your audience and focus your marketing on the needs of your potential client base. Take Peter John, a 1998 graduate of the LSU Law Center who holds an MBA and, apparently, a pilot’s license. He is also a reggae artist with some catchy lines.

David Lat called up P’Ta Mon last August, and John turns out to be quite articulate and even a bit sage about his advertising campaign.

You’ve got to find your style and go with it.



[Thanks, Zale Dowlen!]


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  • Ben

    Sam, the links for this posting are not working. Also, I think this should be up for 2008 post of the year. How awesome is “P’Ta Mon”….

  • Sam Glover

    Fixed. AboveTheLaw had an update I missed, as well.