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ABA Journal Modern Law Library: “How a Quaker’s Suit against the Secretary of Defense Still Impacts Cases over Government Surveillance”

For this episode of the ABA Journal Modern Law Library, host Lee Rawles talked to Jeffrey Vagle, the executive director of the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Vagle is the author of Being Watched: Legal Challenges to Government Surveillance, a history of the 1972 Supreme Court decision Laird v. Tatum. Tatum was a Quaker and anti-war activist who went to prison rather than sign up for the WWII and Korean War drafts. He later learned that the U.S. government had been gathering intelligence on him, and he sued the Secretary of Defense. The effects of that case are still felt today, some 45 years later.

Casefile: “The Kimberley Killer”

If you’ve been looking for a new true crime podcast, consider looking across the ocean to Australia, where Casefile has already racked up 72 episodes with an entirely anonymous host. “The Kimberly Killer”, which ran late last year, is about a murder in the Kimberley, one of the most remote areas in Australia—so remote that you’re advised not to leave the main roads, not to drive at dawn or night, and to be prepared with several days worth of food, water, and fuel. Not all the crimes are Australian, however. There are stories of Alcatraz, the Hawaiian islands, and more.

Dead Pilot’s Society: “Jetpackula written by Rob Schrab”

Every year, so many television pilot scripts die. Networks and studios develop them, but they never get as far as being produced. With Dead Pilot’s Society, these pilots get the table reads they only dreamed of, with well-known actors, a live audience, and no criticism. Jetpackula is a dead pilot written by Rob Schrab, who is also a writer for The Sarah Silverman Program. For its resurrection, Jetpackula is voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt, actress Constance Wu, and more.

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