cocktail_partyCliff Mason at CNBC says “No, you are not making a good impression on anyone when you pass out your business card with your email address and phone number to virtually everyone you meet.”

He has an excellent point. Some, perhaps many, lawyers seem to think that networking requires “working a room” and giving an “elevator speech” to everyone you meet. The opposite is true. The lawyer who is interested in others (as opposed to him- or herself) is usually the one bringing in the most business.

Effective networking is just building relationships. It involves very little posturing and bravado, and a lot of genuine interest in meeting people and getting to know them and what they do. As you gain friends and acquaintances who are also interested in who you are and what you do, you will gradually pick up their business, too.

Forget What You’ve Heard—Stop Networking! | CNBC

(photo: takomabibelot)