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Legal Toolkit: “How Millennials View the Legal Industry”

For the most recent episode of The Legal Toolkit, host Jared Correia talked with Andrew Rossow and Elan Fields to get a millennial perspective about the legal industry. Their discussion ranges from access to justice, machine learning, unbundling legal services, and law school innovation courses.

The Sporkful: “The Thinking Person’s Competitive Eater”

Hosted by Dan Pashman of the Cooking Channel’s You’re Eating it Wrong, The Sporkful describes itself as a podcast for eaters, not foodies. Last month, he talked to Tim Janus, a competitive eater. Janus discusses how much money competitive eaters can actually make and what happens when people try to cheat.

LeVar Burton Reads: “Kin”

If you are of a certain age, you grew up watching Levar Burton on Reading Rainbow but Levar Burton Reads is for adults. Each week, Burton selects a piece of short fiction and reads it on his podcast. For the inaugural episode, he chose “Kin” by Bruce McAllister, from his collection, The Girl who Loved Animals.

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