Thanks for checking in on our ongoing Lawyerist poll series.

A law student emailed me the other day (we’ll call him “Joe”) to get my advice about his law school plans.

Joe is planning to start a solo law practice after law school, but he recognizes that he lacks a lot of the business skills he thinks he needs to run his own practice.

He wants to know whether an extra year of school to get either joint JD/MBA (Masters of Business Administration) or an LLM in Tax would help his prospective law practice enough to justify the additional time and expense. (For those who take such things into account, Joe attends a school ranked by US News in the 40-60 range).

My personal feeling is that Joe should get working sooner rather than later (an added $30-60k in students loans is going to hurt a lot as a new solo). If he’s really in need of some business skills, he might consider joining the Lawyerist LAB. It’s a helluva lot cheaper than an MBA.

But who cares what I think? Joe and I want to know what YOU think.

Please take a minute to let us know by posting your advice for Joe in the comments below.