Last week I wrote about essential equipment for attorneys on the move. After reading the comments for that post, I felt compelled to add some of the items readers suggested.

Here are some other items to bring when you hit the road.

The basics: pens and legal pads

Sticking these in your bag seems so obvious that it almost goes without mention. At the same time, they are so important, it is worth another reminder.

If you are frequently note-taker (guilty), stick one or two legal pads in your briefcase or laptop bag and keep them there. For pens, buy an extra box of your personal favorite and stick them in there as well. Having your normal office tools is essential to a seamless transition when working out of the office.

Car chargers

If you burn up your smartphone battery like most attorneys, then you better have a car charger. Depending on your phone, they usually run around $20. Even if you only use it twice a year, that is still worth the price. If your phone is your lifeline and connection to your office, not spending $20 to cover your butt is a poor choice.

You might want to invest in either a cigarette adapter power outlet or a power supply for your laptop. You can always plug in your computer at a client’s house or a gas station, but there are scenarios when you need to access your laptop in your car.

Notary stamp

If you are having a client sign an affidavit or other document, it is much easier to notarize them yourself, rather than asking them to take care of it and mail it to you.

If your client requires a home meeting, there is a good chance it is difficult for them to leave the house or it is a major inconvenience. Bring along your stamp to make things easier for your client.

Best of the rest

You can never go wrong with an extra bottle of hand sanitizer or two. Keep one in your glove compartment and one in your bag.

If you can find room, bring along some spare clothes. Whenever I travel to hearing long distance, it seems inevitable that I spill something while eating (usually eating while driving).

Speaking of which, bring along something to eat and drink. When you are done with your meeting or hearing, you can get home that much faster if you do not have to stop for dinner.