Whether you are a recent grad looking for a job, or an attorney with a couple years of experience looking to change employers, your resume is vital to your job search. Fortunately, there are plenty of posts on Lawyerist on how to improve your resume.

If you are looking for a free outside opinion, RezScore is worth checking out.

How it works

It actually is as easy as 1-2-3. You upload a resume, click on “resume help,” and then hit “get my RezScore.” Thankfully, you do not have to create a user account, or even provide an email address to get your score. The results are nearly instantaneous.

In case you are wondering, the site does have a privacy policy and promises not to share your info in a way that violates their policy.

The results are easy to interpret

You get an overall grade (A, B, C, etc.) followed by scores on certain components: brevity, impact, and depth (graded on 100 scales). My resume scored a 96 for brevity and a 40 for depth. I have a feeling those two scores always have an inverse relationship. One criticism is that “impact” could mean any number of things.

I also got two tips for improvement: (1) a more professional tone and (2) more depth on my work experience. As for the tone, that tip seems relatively useless without providing an example. In terms of depth, my resume is rather concise, so that tip is useful.

More input is available, but it will cost you

You can request a more detailed report or hire RezScore to rewrite your resume, but it is not cheap. The premium report costs $45. The other services appear to be between $200-$400. I have no idea if that is competitive with other resume helper prices.

The free results, while limited, are useful. At a minimum, they provide a starting point for anyone looking to revamp their resume.

(photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/2987612253)