Traveling for work can be a stressful experience. Many times getting to your destination and getting settled is much more stressful than what you need to do when you get there.

If you find yourself carrying around a giant binder with your flight plans, rental car info, and hotel information, consider using TripIt for your smartphone.

How it works

Essentially, the service acts like a travel organizer. When you get an email related to your travel plans—flight confirmation, hotel info, rental car—forward it to TripIt. TripIt will then add to to your travel itinerary on its own. You can access your itinerary through a mobile site or using the downloadable app.

You can also forward or share your itinerary using the site or the app. Best of all, you can setup TripIt to sync to your calendar. You can also add notes and directions to anything on your itinerary.

The basic service is currently free, which includes the services mentioned above. If you upgrade to the Pro version (free trial, then $49/year) the service will also update you when your flight changes, help you find alternate flights, and a couple of other features.

Save yourself some clutter

I know plenty of people who still carry around a binder overloaded with all their travel details, which just seems like a waste of paper and a pain to carry around.

On my last couple of trips I simply saved all the travel related emails in my inbox and would refer to them as needed. It worked, but I have a feeling that something like TripIt would make it even easier.

Given that service is free, give it a shot, and hopefully reduce your travel related stress!