PC World today gives us “Windows Vista: 15 Reasons to Switch,” which ends up sounding like Microsoft should have paid them off. Still, their reasons are pretty darn good.

I want to switch just for the 3D Alt-Tab flipping. I’ve largely stopped using one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts just because Alt-Tab in XP doesn’t give me good information about the windows I am switching to. And since I’m on a laptop, keyboard shortcuts are essential.


I also like the talk about the Reliability and Performance Monitor. I am obsessed with running as stripped-down an OS as I can. I regularly purge my system tray to keep worthless junk from hogging my operating RAM. The Reliability and Performance Monitor (RPM) helps you keep your system clean and the revs high.

Windows Vista also plays nicer with laptops from the get-go, which is fantastic news. I also like hearing about the new file sharing and syncing controls, which make it easy (instead of a royal pain) to keep information on two or more computers consistent.

Still, I (probably) won’t be switching until at least the Service Pack 1 release. I want the initial glitches, at least, to be worked out. (You see that “probably” in the last sentence? That’s the geek in me starting to get excited about Vista. Next time it will be “probably will” instead of “probably won’t.”)

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