LegalBoard’s creator posted his own demo, as well, which is a litttle better because he is actually using Windows.

Brendan Kenny has our review unit and is using it to draft a summary judgment motion. He will post a more thorough review soon!

Update. Brendan just posted his LegalBoard review, along with a keyboard tips, hacks, and recommendations discussion thread in the Lab.

5 responses to “Curious About the LegalBoard? Here’s a Peek at the First Legal Keyboard”

  1. Lisa Solomon says:

    According to the origin story over at “Some of the more technologically astute among you might be thinking, “He could just create a shortcut in Word for the section symbol and his problem would be solved.”

    Actually, he couldn’t. At the time, Potts — who is now a partner at Perkins Coie — was a partner at Foley & Lardner. Foley’s computers were networked, and every time he powered down, any shortcuts disappeared.”

    This product results from a failure of the firm’s IT department and/or support staff. A simple solution to the problem would be to create firm-wide document templates that contain common shortcuts that are available to all users (e.g., ALT+CTRL+P for the para. symbol, ATL+CTRL+S for the section symbol).

    • Sam Glover says:

      But then you’ve only got those shortcuts in Word. What about when you are drafting an email or making a note in your practice management software?

      • Brendan Kenny says:

        Yes. I have to copy and paste a em dash whenever I need one in my email subject. I use one a lot.

      • Brendan Kenny says:

        Wait, can you even use an ALT command in a Microsoft Excahge email? It does weird things whenever I try. So it’s a manual task for me.

  2. Brendan Kenny says:

    If you’d like to discuss LegalBoard and keyboard tips, hacks, and recommendations, head over to the Lawyerist Lab:

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