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Click to read and contribute to the discussions that were most popular in 2016.

10. Small In-House Counsel Project Managment Solution

This thread started out as a discussion about project management software and ended up as a discussion of team buy-in. Join the discussion to offer your tips for getting everyone on board with new software or procedures.

9. Practice Panther, Any Reviews?

Practice Panther is a relative newcomer to the practice management software space, but it is definitely attracting attention and converts.

8. Experiences with Surface Pro / iPad Pro?

The Surface Pro is a portable Windows computer while the iPad Pro is an iOS tablet, but that doesn’t stop anyone from comparing them. Several lawyers report in with their thoughts and experiences with both devices in this discussion thread.

7. Style Separators in Word for Mac

This is a feature I didn’t even realize existed until Lab member Erik Hume brought it up in the Lab. It turns out to be yet another feature that’s available in Word for Windows but not in Word for Mac.

6. Collections for Deadbeat Clients

Should you collect? If so, how? There are lots of thoughts, ethical considerations, and tips in this discussion thread.

5. Saving Outlook Emails as PDF Docs

There is no perfect solution for saving emails from Outlook at PDFs, but I think we worked out a good approach in another discussion thread that work for Outlook as well as some other mail clients.

4. The Clio Q&A, Tips & Tricks Thread

Clio’s growing popularity among lawyers is reflected in the continuing popularity of this discussion thread in the Lab.

3. Yet Another Scam Directed Against Lawyers

If you spot a new scam, it’s a good idea to alert other lawyers by posting it to the Lab.

2. Alternatives to Ruby Receptionists in Light of Price Increase

Whenever a company raises its prices, people start looking for alternatives. It’s been a while since Ruby altered its pricing structure, but this discussion thread continues to be popular for those looking for alternatives.

1. Scheduling Apps

If answering the phone (see above) is one area where lawyers need the most help, scheduling meetings is another. In 2016, there are a variety of scheduling apps that make it easy to schedule appointments. Find some popular options in this discussion.

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