Although I have Time Matters primarily for former clients whose files I am saving for the next six or seven years, just in case, I wanted to see whether I would be able to run it directly in Linux, or whether I would need to boot into Windows. I was surprised to find that it ran beautifully in Wine. I had to re-map the data file and program locations (just as you do when installing Time Matters on a new or network computer), and Wine prompted me to install Gecko, a browser. But that took about 30 seconds and was easy as pie. Then, I was up and running in Time Matters, but no Windows in sight.

This leads me to believe Time Matters probably works quite well with Crossover, as well, although of course I have not tested that.

So don’t fear the switch! You can move to Linux and still use Time Matters (if you like slow, bloated, poorly-implemented case management software, that is).