Although I have Time Matters primarily for former clients whose files I am saving for the next six or seven years, just in case, I wanted to see whether I would be able to run it directly in Linux, or whether I would need to boot into Windows. I was surprised to find that it ran beautifully in Wine. I had to re-map the data file and program locations (just as you do when installing Time Matters on a new or network computer), and Wine prompted me to install Gecko, a browser. But that took about 30 seconds and was easy as pie. Then, I was up and running in Time Matters, but no Windows in sight.

This leads me to believe Time Matters probably works quite well with Crossover, as well, although of course I have not tested that.

So don’t fear the switch! You can move to Linux and still use Time Matters (if you like slow, bloated, poorly-implemented case management software, that is).

2 responses to “Time Matters 7.0 works beautifully in Linux”

  1. Glad to see that it works, but I see your not a fan. What other software would you recommend in place of Time Matters for GNU/Linux users? Your advice would be appreciated!


  2. Sam Glover says:

    Since I don’t use TM anyway, I use a combination of things. For a solo, most time-tracking software is overkill. If you need structure, RTG Bills, Time59, or other services are great for timekeeping and billing. I just use a spreadsheet for timekeeping. Since I bill either contingent fee or flat fee, I don’t really send out monthly bills, and therefore don’t need anything fancy for that.

    However, GnuCash, which I use for accounting, will also do billing.

    For tracking clients, I just use Evolution or Outlook coupled with an organized client files directory and Beagle/Tracker or Windows Desktop Search. You can sort your e-mails in a number of ways, but I just always tag my e-mail subject line with my client’s name so they are easy to find using search.

    Include your file number or client name in the notes of your contacts and the subject line of tasks and appointments, and you can find everything related to the file while Time Matters is still thinking about opening your matter form.

    Honestly, indexed search plus good procedures make software like Time Matters pretty much obsolete.

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