News Flash: Microsoft Word and Corel Wordperfect are not the only word processing software out there. Not even close. At all.

This great article from DonationCoder looks at 14 different word processors in good depth. DonationCoder reminds us that some people really need the features of a desktop publishing system like Word. Many writers, for example, simply write in Notepad.

As lawyers, form and content are both important, but in reverse order. Apart from captions, our layout needs are primarily outline numbering, block quotes, and signature blocks. We write contracts, letters, briefs, and research memos. Do we really need Word, WordPerfect, or Before you spend a dime on new or upgraded software, read this article, consider your needs, and purchase (or simply download) accordingly.

(It is no secret that my own choice is Writer. Sure, it isn’t quite as good as Word. But Word isn’t $200 better, either.)