At 12:00 pm CDT tomorrow, that is, Friday, July 23rd, 2010, we will be re-playing our epically-titled webinar on alternative billing and fee arrangements:

My law firm has evolved from a mostly-hourly-billing practice five years ago to a no-hourly-billing practice today. We use flat fees and a subscription model, as well as unbundled services and other alternative fee arrangements. Along the way, I have taken inspiration from Matt Homann, Kevin Houchin, Alexis Neely, and many others. The bottom line: we love them, our clients love them, and we’re never going back to hourly billing.

In tomorrow’s webinar, I will talk about why alternative fee arrangements make more sense, what kinds of alternative fee arrangements exist, and how to implement them with existing and future clients. I will also identify a few ethical pitfalls to watch out for.

You can sign up for the webinar, or join the Lawyerist LAB to get access to this and future webinars as part of your membership. Either way, I hope to see you tomorrow!

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