Email has quickly become many lawyers’ preferred method of communicating and exchanging documents. One problem, however, with sending documents as email attachments is that you can end up acquiring multiple versions of the same document.

If you are not extremely well organized, it may become unclear which version is the latest and greatest. If that happens to you on a regular basis, give DokDok a try.

DokDok will search for all related email attachments

DokDok currently only works with Google Apps accounts. Luckily, Google Apps is becoming more and more prevalent among lawyers. Right now, the application is free, but the company says once it passes the beta stage, they will begin charging for it.

Once you enter a search term, and click on an email, DokDok comes into play. When you click on an attachment, DokDok can show you all of the other email attachments within that same thread. Once you click on the attachment itself, DokDok will show you all the other attachments related to that attachment.

In other words, it provides two different ways for you to figure out if you are really clicking on the right attachment. When you are sending versions of the same document back and forth, this is a great tool to have at your disposal.

You should always have a backup

Even if you do use DokDok to search your inbox for email attachments, it’s still a good idea to download and store copies of the documents that you have sent back and forth. Even if they are not the “final” versions, you never know when you might want to look at an earlier draft of a document. DokDok can help you find stuff, but if you are well organized, you should only need to use it on rare occasions.