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If you are serious about preparing your practice for the next ten years, you should be at TBD Law on August 14th—but if you have an invitation, you’ve only got a few more days to register.

What It Is

For TBD Law, we have replaced the speakers you would usually find on a conference agenda with probably the best meeting facilitators in the country: Matt Homann and the Filament team. After all, you can watch speeches on YouTube.

I realize a “conference” without speakers seems a little weird, at first. But we are confident everyone is going to get way more than the price of admission from TBD Law.

So what will you be doing at TBD Law instead of passively sitting and listening to someone talk? The focus will be on activities, not speeches. The activities (workshops, hack sessions, troubleshooting, etc.) will focus on solving real problems framed by the Filament team. At TBD Law, you will work through those problems with a room full of smart, innovative lawyers and leave with a game plan for your own practice and a network that will help you and hold you accountable.

Sound exciting? If it does, you should apply for an invitation.

How to Attend

TBD Law is a small event because we aren’t just trying to pack a conference hall. So we can’t invite everyone. Instead, we have sent invitations based on our own networks, applications, and recommendations from other TBD Law attendees. We have 50 lawyers attending so far, but room for a few more.

If you were invited, check your email for information on how to claim your seat. (Check your spam folder if you don’t have anything in your inbox today.)

We hope to see you in St. Louis on August 14th!

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