We are really excited to announce TBD Law, a first-of-its-kind event for a select group of innovative lawyers. We’ve teamed up with Matt Homann and Filament to create a two-day program to begin determining the future of solo and small-firm law practice—both for those present and for the profession at large.

A Different Kind of Conference

We’ve been interested in doing an event for years, but there are already plenty of conferences where you can sit and listen to the same speakers give the same talks for two days of one-hour sessions. And if that’s what you want, YouTube works just as well. We wanted to do something better, so TBD Law is designed to draw out the kinds of inspiring conversations that usually start between sessions, and give them time and space to grow.

So TBD Law is not a conference—at least not like any conference you’ve been to. (It’s not an “unconference,” either, for that matter.) Instead of speakers, we’ve invited lawyers who are already inspiring us with the innovative ways they are practicing law today and preparing their firms to succeed over the next 5–15 years. Most of the invitees are the sort of lawyers you could hear talking about their innovative approaches to law practice at other conferences and local events.

In August, we will put all those creative brains together for two days to share, brainstorm, workshop, hack, and otherwise blow each other’s minds.

About the Hosts

Lawyerist’s mission is to help solos and small firms succeed in the rapidly changing legal profession. At TBD Law that’s exactly what we will be doing, both for those who attend and for the legal profession at large, which will never be the same again.


Our partner in TBD Law is Matt Homann, one of the most thought-provoking people we know. He recently launched Filament, a St. Louis space for amazing meetings (a topic Matt has spent considerable time on) where TBD Law will be held. Matt is pretty awesome on a stage with a slide deck, but what he really shines at is inspiring others to come up with their own best ideas.

TBD Law will bring together the Lawyerist community and Matt and Filament’s unmatched ability to facilitate great meetings, and the result is probably going to blow your mind.

How to Attend

TBD Law is a small event by necessity, so we can’t invite everyone. We’ve tried to invite the most innovative solosmalls we know, and the first round of invitations went out on Friday. If you already have an invitation, register soon for the best price!

If you did not get an invitation, don’t despair! We know there are innovative lawyers whose names we just don’t know yet (or whose names didn’t make it onto our list due to a tragic oversight). If you think you are one, please tell us why you should be there.

Who Should Apply

TBD Law attendees will be practicing lawyers who are innovating in their law practices. Innovation can mean many things, including technology, business models, client-service models, work-life balance, and more. Tell us what it means to you and why you need to be on the guest list.

We hope to see you in St. Louis on August 14th!

Apply at TBDLaw.co

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