Legal blogs can be a great marketing tool. Many lawyers, however, burn out after just a few weeks or months after creating their blog. Check out this old post on how to stay energized, and read below for more tips on how to keep your blog going strong.

Build from older posts

Go back and re-read older posts. If you are lazy, you can republish the post with just a minor update. Or, follow the example of this post. Take the same idea and build on it. Add new content, and expand on the ideas in the initial post.

For attorneys, this can be as simple as updating an older post based on changes in the law, changes within the legal community, or changes in your firm’s approach to certain issues.

The advantage to building on older posts is that you can create intra-site links, which will keep your readers on your site.

Add new feeds to Google Reader

Reading new content will help spark new ideas. Broadening your horizons and introducing new voices is likely to spark new thoughts and opinions for you. You might even consider deleting older feeds so you are not tempted to read them.

Find voices with opposing viewpoints

If you are brave enough, seek out people with views that are a complete 180 from yours. The law is usually open to interpretation, and attorneys tend to vary in their approaches to cases. Find someone who attacks problems in a different way, and ask them to write a guest post on your blog.