No, seriously. Your work ethic is hurting your work.

Taking time away from the office replenishes ones mind, body, and soul while also improving productivity in the office. According to an Ernst & Young internal study, for “each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took, their year-end performance ratings improved 8 percent, and frequent vacationers also were significantly less likely to leave the firm,” proving a renewed appreciation and revitalized creativity.

It isn’t doing anything positive for your health, either.

Studies performed by the Framingham heart study revealed that “men who didn’t’ take a vacation for several years were 30 percent more likely to have heart attacks compared to men who did not take time off.” An additional study conducted by Marshfield Clinic determined that those who “vacationed less often than once every two years were more likely to suffer from depression and increased stress than women who took vacations at least twice a year.”

Yes, it’s harder for solosmalls to take time off. It’s just as important, though. Even if you can’t completely turn off your law practice for a few days or a couple of weeks, you can still have a great vacation with a little preparation. Start planning. [HuffPost Travel]

Featured image: “Father and daughter reading” from Shutterstock.