I went to WCCO‘s third bloginar at the Wilde Roast Cafe tonight. The WCCO bloginars are a way for local bloggers to get together with each other, meet WCCO media folks, eat, and caffeinate. Tonight, Jeanette Trompeter talked about her experiences as a new blogger, Facebooker, and why she is excited to join Twitter. Graeme Thickins also talked about his extensive experience as a blogger, start-up and marketing consultant, and more.

There were no screen-tanned basements dwellers in sight, but many hip, cool bloggers. I got to meet some new people, hang out with my friends Aaron Street and his wife, Nena, both bloggers, and throw a few amusing tweets up on the projector. I picked up a few new Twitter followers, and I am sure I will pick up a few new readers, as well.

The lesson is this: do blog, but do not just blog. Be a part of the blogging community, but do not limit that to blogs, or even to the web. Find other ways to interact with your readers and colleagues to build a more durable, extensive network.