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  • AJ Richman

    Can you post a copy of your closing letter? Is there a way on MyCase to download all documents at once to put them on a cd?

    • Sure thing:

      Enclosed are all original documents in our possession and a CD with a copy of our digital file. Please note: we will destroy our copy of your file in ten (10) years without notice to you.

      Also enclosed is a refund check for your funds remaining in your trust account.

      With this letter, we are closing your file and terminating our representation. It has been a pleasure representing you. If we can be of service to you or a friend or family member in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      There is no way to download a client file in MyCase (or in any of its competitors, for that matter, so far as I can tell). I guess they think providing a client portal is sufficient. (I don’t agree.)

      • I’m with you Sam. Why isn’t there a batch function, or menu to export (or even archive) an entire matter? You would think there’s an incentive to create a function like this because in theory it could mean less data being stored/managed by the practice management application (as far as I know, they all provide unlimited data storage included in the regular licensing fees). Do you think they are afraid if they provide such a useful feature attorneys would be more apt to switching apps?

        • In part, I think it’s not available because it’s complicated. What I’d want from downloading a file is a PDF with the matter information and every related contact record, all the notes, communications, timekeeping records, and the account statements. Separately, I’d want all the documents on the file, with versions. There are probably other components of the file I’m not thinking of at this moment, but the point is there are a lot of different things, and you need a few different ways to pull them all in. And I’d want it all bundled up in a zip file that I can just drop in my /Closed Files folder.

          But complicated shouldn’t be an obstacle. Software developers solve problems. I think the reason it doesn’t exist is the perceived demand is low relative to the cost of developing the feature. Most lawyers are perfectly happy to store their clients’ data in their practice management software forever. It’s why so many lawyers are still using old software. Heck, I’ve still got an old copy of Time Matters lying around just in case a client wants something from it before my 10-year file destruction policy kicks in.

          • All good points, Sam, but it would be a great start to just be able to export/archive all of the matter documents in one easy process. The rest of the stuff would be nice too, but IMHO it’s just gravy…

  • Do you close the file even when the client owes an outstanding invoice?

    • I do. There is no attorney-client relationship at that point. Just an account receivable. In that case I would change this line:

      Also enclosed is a refund check for your funds remaining in your trust account.

      To this:

      Also enclosed is your final invoice, due on __________.

      I have three client file statuse: active/open, billing, and closed.