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  • Lurker David

    Please edit the title to show it is an advertisement, and not one of the fine legal articles we come to expect from Lawyerist!

    • It says “sponsored by TimeSolv” in the byline. That doesn’t do it for you?

  • Even as an advertisement it fails. I don’t see any suggestions about how to make flat fee billing work for the lawyer and client. Just having a case management program of some type, which I suspect most lawyers already have, is not going to solve the problem. They might as well have said “how to increase penis size” and then present us with yet another case management program.

    • If you are looking for information about how to make flat fee billing work for the lawyer and client, I don’t know why you would expect to see it in a post highlighting TimeSolv’s legal project management features. That seems outside the scope of this post.

      However, the search box is right at the top of the sidebar, and we’ve got quite a few articles about flat fees, including pros and cons, ethics issues, how to implement them, whether you should, etc. If you would rather not scroll up and type flat fees in the search box, here is a link.

      And if that doesn’t answer your questions, you can post a comment on a more appropriate post or just start a discussion of your own in our forum where you will almost certainly get input from lawyers who are making flat fees work quite well for themselves and their clients, as well as lawyers who aren’t sold on flat fees.