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Technology and law practice increasingly go together, and that is one of our favorite things to write about on Lawyerist. You can find everything from product reviews to information on going paperless to building a law firm website or starting a blog.

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Podcast: Legal Technology, Blogging, and the Future of SoloSmall Practice

A conversation with Daniel Gershburg about blogging, legal marketing, the misleading hashtags of legal tech conferences, and the future of solo and small-firm practice.


A Social Network for People with $9,000 Burning a Hole in Their Fancy Pockets

For just $6,000 to join and $3,000 per year, you get to participate in what looks like a pretty mediocre user experience and a small community of people who — let's be honest — are probably douchebags.


Abacus Private Cloud: Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for Lawyers

Abacus Private Cloud offers the best of of your local machine with the flexibility of the cloud. For those of you thinking about making the move, Abacus offers a private cloud that may fit --- and cheapen --- the bill.

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PacerPro is a Better Way to Use PACER

If you have anything to do with the federal courts, do yourself a favor and sign up for a free PacerPro account right now.


NSA Surveillance Made Us Safer — and Police Departments Are Pissed

As a result of NSA surveillance, Apple has locked government out of iPhones, and Google is planning to do the same with Android phones.


Find Out Whether Google is Tracking Your Location

How to find out what Google knows about your whereabouts.


Back Office Betties Virtual Receptionist Review

If you are coming from a service like Ruby Receptionists, Back Office Betties may not be worth the potential savings. Overall, it feels like a newer company trying to play catch-up with Ruby.


5 Ways To Back Up Your Gmail Data

Just because Google owns Gmail doesn't mean your data is safe. Don't leave your archives up to chance, and back up your Gmail account using these services today.


Clio Goes Blue, Releases its Android App, Integrates with Fastcase, and More

Yesterday at its Cloud Conference, Clio made some big announcements: a new UI, an Android app, and lots of new integrations.


Clio Law Practice Management Software

Clio practice management software information and review.


The Government Can Still Get Plenty of Information from Apple

As I pointed out last week, the new iOS security features are great, but they are hardly a panacea.


Clio is Now Popular Enough to Have a User Conference

Can lawyers actually get fired up about their practice management software? Apparently.


How the Government Might Circumvent iOS 8 Security

Orin Kerr points out that the government might not be willing to accept a scenario where Apple cannot respond to government warrants.


HIPAA-Compliant Cloud File Services

Staying in compliance with HIPAA is not an easy task. Keep your data safe with these HIPAA-compliant cloud services.


Apple: “it’s not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants”

Starting with iOS 8, according to Apple’s newly-updated privacy statement your photos, messages and attachments, email, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes, and reminders are “placed under the protection of your passcode.”