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Technology and law practice increasingly go together, and that is one of our favorite things to write about on Lawyerist. You can find everything from product reviews to information on going paperless to building a law firm website or starting a blog.

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Social Engineering May Be a Greater Threat to Client Files Than “Hackers”

After reading super-hacker Kevin Mitnick‘s book, Ghost in the Wires, about his escapades leading up to his imprisonment for hacking, what struck me was how much of his “hacking” was really social engineering. Quite often, Mitnick just called someone on the phone and asked them for what he needed, up to and including root account […]


The Case Against Owning a Smartphone

Jared Correia doesn’t own a smartphone, but that doesn’t stop him from being a tech guy at the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program. Here’s an excerpt from his argument for why.


AbacusLaw Relaunch Preview

AbacusLaw has been revamped for the web with feedback from over 4,000 clients. Here's a preview of their attempt to become your next all-in-one technology company.


Legal Hackers, LLC, Seeks to Trademark LEGAL HACKERS

"The term “Legal Hackers” is currently pending trademark registration with the USPTO [by Legal Hackers, LLC]." Wait, what? That sounds like bullshit.


Facebook Goes on the Offense on Passwords

It's pretty awesome that Facebook is doing this, and I hope more companies will follow suit.


Q: Doesn’t My Password Protect My Computer?

A: No. There are basically two “doors” to your computer. Your password only protects one.


It’s Time for Lawyers to Re-Think the Cloud

If you don’t use appropriate technology, you are doing your clients and your ethical obligations just as much a disservice as if you use inappropriate technology. Sometimes, the cloud is the right tool for the job, and sometimes it isn’t.


Dropbox Wasn’t Hacked, but You Should Probably Change Your Password

Dropbox says the login information being passed around are actually from other services for which the users used the same usernames and passwords.


Exude Professionalism: Get a Real Email Address

Email addresses from webmail providers are amateur-looking. Buy your own domain and set up a professional email address to grab your clients' attention and exude professionalism.


Could a Court Simulator Help Pro Se Parties?

Seems worth a try, actually.

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Be Less Awful About Your Social Media Use

Social media is not hard. With a dose of common sense, you'll be tweeting, liking, and linking with the best of them.


Why Cheap Printers Will Break Your Heart In the Long Run

Printers aren't as exciting as smartphones and tablets, but they are far more important to a law practice. You will never be sorry if you spend money on a good one.


Twitter Sues for the Right to Publish its Full Transparency Report

This is important. Transparency reports are basically the dash cams of the Internet.


Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand Workstation Review

The Ergotech One-Touch Free Stand is a rock-solid, high-quality sit-stand workstation that raises and lowers with the touch of a button.

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ToS;DR Teaches You The Terrible Things You’re Agreeing To On The Web

Terms of Service; Didn't Read aims to help you navigate the thicket of ToS and privacy policies that you click merrily past every day.