Starting a Law Firm

Starting a law firm is one of the most exciting things you can do.

To get started you will need to select your law practice niche; launch a website or law blog; get some malpractice insurance; stock your office with the necessary technology and software, including a ScanSnap s1500 scanner for your paperless law office; put together a marketing plan, a social media plan, and a networking plan; decide on your billing structure; and decide if you need an office or if you will be a virtual law office.

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Podcast: Essentials for Starting a Law Practice

At this year’s Clio Cloud Conference, I sat down with Adriana Linares to talk about what you need to spend money on at the start of a new law practice.


The One Secret to Online Legal Marketing

All law-firm websites plans should be created with this one simple idea in mind.


Is There a Future for Solos and Small Firms?

“I do not see much of a future (beyond 2020) for most small firms ….” — Richard Susskind, Tomorrow’s Lawyers


Going Solo: Debunking the Top Ten Fears

Going solo with your legal practice may not be as scary as it seems.


Go Rural, Young Lawyer!

In tough economic times like these, some new lawyers may want to open their minds to a different type of risk and go west — or north, or south, or east — to find a job beyond their urban dreams.


Law Firm Finances: Everything You Need to Get Started

This is a must-read for anyone who manages a law firm's finances or is even thinking about starting one.


Solo Law Practice Technology Setup

If I were starting a brand-new solo practice right now — i.e., no legacy systems to support, and no well-established procedures, and limited funds — here is what I would put in my technology budget.


Xero Accounting for Law Firms

If you are in the market for accounting software, and would like something that is better than QuickBooks in several ways, worse in several others, and a bit better overall, then I recommend Xero.


How to Build a Law Practice Incubator

Kim Lowe, a shareholder at Fredrickson & Byron, has been thinking a lot about what an “incubator” — sort of a Y Combinator — for new lawyers would look like.

Broken Bottles

Drunk Law Practice v. Sober Law Practice

Sobriety has made me happier than at any other time in my life. I can live without fear of the unknown or insecurity about my abilities to perform.


Legal Incubators — Helping to Hatch Solo Practices

“If we want to see more entrepreneurial solutions to the many social and environmental problems around us, then it makes sense to have a community of similarly intentioned individuals who are able to collectively gather more advice, mentorship, and resources than they would on their own.”


Lessons Learned Going from Government to BigLaw to Solo Practice

Starting a law firm after 13 years of practice in government and at a law firm is a very different proposition than going solo soon after law school. Chris Hill made it work. Here’s how, and what he learned.


Starting a Law Firm is Just Like Skydiving

As I found myself leaving the comfort of a perfectly safe airplane, I realized I had felt this way once before: on my last day at my old job.


Billing All the Time

We've recently decided to bill all the time we spend on every case. Is it a good decision? We'll see.


Three Mistakes I Made This Year That I Won’t Make Again

I’ve made three mistakes over the last year. None of them were life-threatening, but they all provided valuable lessons, some in and some out of the courtroom.