Legal Marketing

Below are our best tips and ideas for creating a sustainable legal marketing pipeline to grow your practice.

Before you can serve clients, you have to get them, and that starts with a clear sense of your law firm branding.

Once you know your marketing message, share it with the world through networking events, and other online marketing methods such as social media.

We have great ideas on building your law firm website, starting a law blog, and search engine optimization (SEO).

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30-Minute WordPress Setup Guide

If you do not have a website, you are probably missing out on clients, networking opportunities, and more. Although you’ll never know unless you get with the program and get yourself a website.


Have Solos Been Priced Out of SEO?

The economics of search-engine marketing have changed drastically over the past three years, driven by a flood of lawyers getting into SEO, along with search engine algorithm changes that have increased the complexity (and therefore cost) of bringing search-engine traffic to a website.


How to Promote Your Pro Bono Project with Gangsta Rap

EPM (Eric Mirabel) wasn’t happy with the way Legal Cheek and Above the Law covered his gangsta rap video. He says he just wanted to promote his pro-bono project to help veterans injured in service.


Watch This Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Over-the-Top Ad

Choice quotes: Related“‘Coming From the Hip-Hop Culture, It’s Important to Be Fresh at All Times’: The man behind the best (or worst) lawyer commercial ever made speaks out.” [Slate] “Consequences. They sure suck, don’t they?” “Laws are arbitrary.” “I may have a law degree, but I think like a criminal.” “I make jail visits … because […]


The Lawyer’s Guide to Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) was launched in 2008 as a way to connect reporters and experts needed for media stories, from television clips to online news articles.


Best Law Firm Websites, 2014 Edition

Out of over 50 nominations, we have narrowed the field down to the ten best law firm websites. There were many good nominations, but the top ten are some really excellent, responsive websites.


This Lawyer’s Epic Super Bowl Ad Will Blow You Away

This ad aired locally in Georgia during an entire two-minute commercial break. It has everything. Walls of flame. Sledgehammers. Heavy metal soundtrack.Just watch.


The Mistakes Lawyers Make with Social Media

So-called "experts" constantly proclaim loudly and frequently that social media is The Answer to just about everything, including getting clients. Lawyers have taken the bait, and have swarmed to social media like flies to honey.

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“ShalePlay” is Bracewell’s App for Shale Oil Tycoons

I'm not yet convinced that law firms ought to be building apps, but at least the current "wave" of law firm apps are more than just a firm news feed and contact information.

Read "The Best Way to Serve Coffee in Your Office" on Lawyerist.

The Best Way to Serve Coffee in Your Office

Offering coffee is basic client service, but how you serve that coffee says a lot about your firm.


Ambulance Chasing in the 21st Century

An Ohio personal injury law firm tried soliciting auto accident victims by text message to try to gain an advantage. Is solicitation by drones next?


Why the Goat Lawyer Had a “Suberb” Avvo Rating

Last week, Bitter Lawyer’s Greg Luce committed “Avvocide” by sabotaging his own Avvo profile. He put more work into his fake profile than he ever put into his real one, and he was rewarded with a boost in his Avvo Rating, to 9.2 (“Superb”). Avvo, if you don’t get out much, hosts profiles for every […]


Legal Marketing: a Sucker’s Bet

Lawyers have been engaged in a race to the bottom in the marketing of their services for decades. Over-the-top, sleazy advertising has become synonymous with lawyers in the eyes of many people. It's no wonder that people's perception of lawyers have dropped so low. Marketing for lawyers is a sucker's bet at best.


How to Network: Get Out and Do Things. With People.

Whatever you hope to get out of networking—mentoring, referrals, clients, friends—here is the only real formula: Get out and do things. With people.


3 Things Your Law Firm Website Should Have

You should probably have a law firm website. A website is sort of like having a business card — a necessary part of being a professional who is open for business. Many many lawyers have been told this but never seem to have thought past it. Why should you probably have a website for your […]