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Lawyer Threatens Stupid Lawsuit Over Stupid Rule Interpretation for Stupid Entry in Stupid Contest

"Lawyer threatens lawsuit over American Bar Association’s censorship of malpractice-themed Peeps® diorama."


Yes, the NSA is Intercepting Attorney-Client Communications

"NSA has afforded, and will continue to afford, appropriate protection to privileged attorney-client communications acquired during its lawful foreign intelligence mission."


Gay Jurors and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Sometimes, cases start out about one thing and end up about something else — something momentous and unexpected —entirely. That’s what happened in GlaxoSmithKline v. Abbott Laboratories, a case winding its way through the Ninth Circuit..


Ambulance Chasing in the 21st Century

An Ohio personal injury law firm tried soliciting auto accident victims by text message to try to gain an advantage. Is solicitation by drones next?


How David Coombs Plans to Force the Army to Pay for Chelsea Manning’s Sex Change

“If Fort Leavenworth does not [provide hormone therapy for Chelsea Manning],” Coombs said, “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that they are forced to do so.”

undo crop

Judges Cannot “Do Over” Even When They Give a Rapist 30 Days Instead of 2 Years

Judges make grievous errors like giving a rapist whose crime mandates a minimum 2-year prison term a sentence of only 30 days, but they cannot simply hit the undo button and try again.

don't let baby drive

Courts Are Very Confused About Cell Phones And Driving

Two recent court decisions highlight how courts continue to struggle with defining responsibilities and liabilities for cell phone usage while driving.


Ohio Court Scrutinizes Law Profs’ 17-Year Divorce Battle

When Sharlene Boltz and Christo Lassiter aren’t teaching the next generation of lawyers, they are engaged in a legal battle of epic proportions. Boltz and Lassiter, both law professors, married in 1986. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer the couple divorced ten years later. With today’s high divorce rate, that isn’t much of a story. But […]


Law School Classes Shrinking, Law Professors Losing Job Security

The law school bubble has burst. The pool of applicants to law school is shrinking drastically, and the ABA “is moving to reduce job protections for law professors, who have long enjoyed the security of academic tenure.”


Law Firm Sues the Rainmaker Institute for Failed SEO [UPDATED]

It’s hard to feel much sympathy for Seikaly & Stewart. Regardless whether the Rainmaker Institute actually has anything valuable to sell, it’s pitch reminds me of those late-night infomercials that promise to teach you to get rich from flipping houses or selling gold if you will just attend a very expensive seminar at a hotel near the airport.


The End of BigLaw?

BigLaw is somewhere between 150 and 250 law firms, and “Within the next decade or so, according to one common hypothesis, there will be at most 20 to 25 firms … The other 200 firms will have to reinvent themselves or disappear.”

Law Bloggers on the Zimmerman Verdict

Plenty of law bloggers weighed in this weekend on the outcome and its aftermath. Here are some of the posts worth reading, if you haven’t OD’d on Zimmerman news already.

Luddites in Court, Zimmerman Edition

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda attempts to get to the bottom of the witness’s relationship with George Zimmerman’s older brother, looking like an incompetent Luddite in the process.


The 2013 Fastcase 50

This is the third year Fastcase has put together a list of 50 “smartest, most courageous innovators, techies, visionaries, & leaders” in law. Bob Ambrogi has the list in more-readable form. With 50 people on the list, it’s eclectic by nature. It includes everyone from tech consultants like Adriana Linares (coming soon to Lawyerist!), serious […]

Nobody’s Going to Law School (Phew!)

In related news, employment numbers are improving, especially if you're interested in temp work and doc review. (I guess that's what happens when you slow down the firehose of law grads.)