Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? I’ll Tell You Why

There is a lot of discussion lately about the need for lower-cost legal fees. This is an important discussion for lawyers to have, but I think it is also important to stop and reflect on why hiring a lawyer is so expensive in the first place.

How to Cite Walter Sobchak on Prior Restraint

First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza has found a gem: an opinion from the Texas Supreme Court quoting Walter Sobchak in “The Big Lebowski” on prior restraint.


Write for Lawyerist

If you are a practicing lawyer or law professor with something meaningful to say about law practice, a way with words, and the ability to write a post once or twice a month, we would like to hear from you.


How To Secure Your Google Account Data

It is more important than ever to remain diligent about your security. Thankfully, Google provides a number of security options, and you can take matters into your own hands.


Understanding and Working with Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety can be a debilitating to your practice and mental health. Learn how to manage your anxiety with these tips.


There is No Such Thing As Online Marketing

If the people you want to sign your retainer agreement cross the line between offline and online as easily as pulling a phone out of their pockets, then you should too.


Law Blog Week in Review: Unethical Marketing, Quick Writing Fixes, & Email Disclaimer Trolling

It's not a gimmick; the three quick writing fixes in this post really will make your writing better, and quickly.


Law Blog Week in Review: Your Brief’s Secret Ambition, a New Incubator, & the Fastcase 50

I’m pretty sure SCOTUSBlog founder Tom Goldstein is pumped to be right next to yours truly in this year’s Fastcase 50.


The Death of Punishment: Searching for Justice Among the Worst of the Worst

If you want to read a book about the pros and cons of the death penalty, this is not it. The Death of Punishment fails to do much more than further Professor Robert Blecker's career as a crusader for the death penalty.


Law Blog Week in Review: Smartphone Warrants, Real Numbers, and Going Paperless by Force

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, Americans! I hope you had a great weekend drinking things, grilling things, and watching pretty explosions.


Law Blog Week in Review: Watch Out for Human Botnets Spewing Social Media Spam!

Did anyone try my Orange Vanilla Absinthe Cocktail in Need of a Better Name from last week's law blog roundup? If you did, tell me what you think. If you didn't, get on it.


Law Blog Week in Review: Hipsters Love Cops, Hate Plaintiffs, and Lawyers Share Cocktail Recipes

Should laptops be banned from classrooms? Are hipsters ruining the court system? How important are responsive websites? Do you have an awesome cocktail recipe? Find out in the Law Blog Week in Review!


Law Blog Week in Review: “North American Legal Principles,” Clearspire’s Clients, and Word v. WordPerfect

New online dispute resolution service eQuibbly promises that “Unlike in government courts, your case won’t be decided based on a technicality or a rule that doesn’t make sense.” Okay, so what rules will it use? I promise I’m not making this up.


How Laws Are Written So You Ignore the Important Parts

When lawmakers dictate exact language in laws, they may actually be discouraging people from reading that language.


A Prosecutor’s Life After Meth

From the very first time I tried meth, I loved it. Nothing had ever made me feel as happy or alive or confident as meth did.