Legal Ethics

We all want to reduce our risk for legal malpractice.

Here you can find our thoughts on attorney-client privilege, existing client communication and your duties with potential clients.

We also discuss your emerging responsibilities in regards to online privacy and security.

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Lawyer Argues Case as Thomas Jefferson, is Disbarred Anyway (Video)

Despite his brave but bumbling efforts to defend himself (while in costume), Dennis Hawver was disbarred by the Kansas Supreme Court for “inexplicable incompetence” during a 2005 capital murder trial.


Attorney-Client Confidentiality and Email

How the ABA addresses email communication and how it affects lawyers' duty of attorney-client confidentiality.


Don’t CC Clients on Emails

Think twice before adding your client to the CC or BCC field of an email you are about to send.


It’s Time for Lawyers to Re-Think the Cloud

If you don’t use appropriate technology, you are doing your clients and your ethical obligations just as much a disservice as if you use inappropriate technology. Sometimes, the cloud is the right tool for the job, and sometimes it isn’t.


Nice Try, but Claiming Copyright Won’t Save You from Discipline

Don't bother suing the ethics board for copyright infringement for using your unethical blogs posts in its ethics complaint.


Early Birds And Night Owls Can Both Be Unethical

We all have our bad days, but we have our bad times too. Depending on your chronotype, the times you have to make decisions at may not be your most ethically sound moments.

Does Using Gmail Put Attorney-Client Privilege At Risk?


Wisconsin Ethics Complaints are Getting Out of Control Due to Investigators’ “Timidity”

"The timidity of investigators probing allegations of wrongdoing against lawyers has helped create an 'unsustainable' case backlog at Wisconsin’s Office of Lawyer Regulation, according to a newly released study."


New Lawyers and Law Practice: the Velociraptor You Don’t See

Some lawyers are so focused on marketing that they may get blindsided by other essential parts of a law practice: lawyering and running a business.


Find Out How Much You Are Overbilling Your Clients

Waiting until the end of the month to record your time means adding 23% to the bill. Start billing in real time before your clients (or ethics boards) find this article and start asking questions.


How To Keep Your Client Safe From Solicitation

Soliciting a client who is already represented is breaking ethical rules. Learn how to keep and protect your client while preserving your ethical integrity.


Using Social Media During Jury Trials

How can lawyers use social media during jury selection without crossing ethical lines? How can jurors use social media during trial?

law books

Three Commonly-Violated Ethics Rules

Three commonly-violated attorney ethics rules and the simple way to avoid violating them.


Lawyer Threatens Stupid Lawsuit Over Stupid Rule Interpretation for Stupid Entry in Stupid Contest

"Lawyer threatens lawsuit over American Bar Association’s censorship of malpractice-themed Peeps® diorama."


The Internet: a Primer for Lawyers and Everyone Else

"If you don't have a basic understanding of the technology you entrust with your clients' information … I think you probably are not competent to represent anyone."