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Passwords: a User Guide for Lawyers and Law Firms

Good passwords are essential to data security, and this article has everything you need to know about creating and keeping track of good passwords.


Dropbox for Lawyers and Law Firms: the User Guide

According to the ABA’s most-recent technology survey, 58% of lawyers use Dropbox, making it the most popular online file storage option among lawyers. Here is everything you need to know about Dropbox, from how to install it to securing your client files.


Xero Accounting for Law Firms

If you are in the market for accounting software, and would like something that is better than QuickBooks in several ways, worse in several others, and a bit better overall, then I recommend Xero.

How Much it Really Costs to Start a Law Firm

A few years ago, I wrote a post I titled Start a Solo Law Practice for Under $3,000. Boy, do I regret that title. Starting a law firm is a relatively inexpensive endeavor, but picking an arbitrary number and trying to stick to it is wrong-headed. I’ve met plenty of lawyers who have done just […]

Google Scholar Advanced Legal Research Tips

This guide to Google Scholar will point out various features and benefits to Scholar and have you doing powerful yet free legal searches in no time.

Online marketing 101: blogs and social networks (part 3 of 3)

Hosting provider? Check. Website? Check. Advertising plan? Check. Now it is time to talk more advanced online marketing: blogs and social networking. Starting a blog or participating in an online social network is more advanced in the sense that both require more time and a bit more comfort with online interaction. But blogging and social […]

Online marketing 101: websites and advertising online (part 2 of 3)

Okay, so you are comfortable with online privacy issues, you have spent some time on Wikipedia and Google learning about the “geek stuff,” and now you want to get going and market your law firm online. Obviously, you want to start with square one: a website. And a website is the logical next step in […]

Online marketing 101: privacy and technical know-how (part 1 of 3)

By now, most attorneys are at least thinking about marketing their practice online, if not doing it in some fashion already. But “online marketing” is a concept so vague it is completely unhelpful. Online marketing encompasses everything from websites to social networking sites to chat rooms. Much online marketing is similar to offline marketing, but […]