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Passwords: a User Guide for Lawyers and Law Firms

Good passwords are essential to data security, and this article has everything you need to know about creating and keeping track of good passwords.


Viivo Secures Your Client Files in the Cloud

Viivo’s security looks rock-solid. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and you keep the encryption keys. To be frank, I'm sold.


Encryption: Enabling Basic Client File Security

Client file security through encryption is easy. Here's how to do it, and why you really need to.


How to Secure Your Paperless Office

There is more to a paperless office than just scanning everything and accessing your documents when you’re at home, on vacation, or in court. Even if your office is not paperless, you are certainly storing data and documents on computers. But do you know where all that data is being backed up? Is it being backed […]


Is Dropbox Right for Your Practice?

Dropbox is an extremely popular cloud computing option. Just because it's popular, however, does not mean it's right for your practice. Here are some things to consider before using Dropbox in your practice.


In Defense of WordPress

Getting started with with WordPress is quick and easy. Which has made it extremely popular. But as WordPress popularity has grown, so too has the giant target on its back. But with some basic settings, policies and plugins, you can protect yourself from 99% of the attacks you might face. Before we get into the […]


Q: Doesn’t My Password Protect My Computer?

A: No. There are basically two “doors” to your computer. Your password only protects one.

See No Evil

Don’t Trust the Cloud? Microsoft Gives the Keys to Windows to the NSA

If you were laboring under the illusion that your data is somehow safer on your own computer than in the cloud, let’s just put an end to that fallacy.


Government Spying on Privileged Communications

The government admits it is spying on all of our phone calls and many people's internet usage. Are your client communications still privileged when the government is watching?


Plan for Emergencies (and Survive Them)

The best way to survive an emergency is to plan for it in advance.


Increase Dropbox Data Security

Attorneys can increase data security with Dropbox with a few tweaks and tips.


Q: Is File Sync (Dropbox, et al.) Safe?

This is a world you’ll never understand. And you always fear what you don’t understand. — Carmine Falcone, in Batman Begins A: Yes, essentially. And fine under the ethics rules. Most of what you may have heard to the contrary comes from people who don’t understand the cloud — so they fear it.


Law Firms, “the Soft Underbelly of American Cyber Security”

At Above the Law, Joe Patrice calls law firms “the soft underbelly of American cyber security.” And he is right. If you consider the sensitive nature of the information on most lawyers’ computers, plus the proud Luddites making technology decisions at most law firms, this should come as no surprise. I know plenty of lawyers […]

Secure Your Web Travels with These 5 Online Tools

Use these 5 online tools to ensure a safer, enjoyable online experience and secure your web travels.

Ethics and the Cloud, State-by-State

Want to know what your state thinks about cloud computing? Thanks to Nicole Black’s post in the LAB, here is the ABA’s handy reference chart so you can see what your state’s ethics board thinks about cloud computing. Currently, by the way, lawyers in all 50 states may use the cloud. Ethics boards in 13 […]