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Brother Compact Document Scanners (ADS-1000w and ADS-1500w) Review

The Brother ADS-1000w and ADS-1500w are good scanners with a few flaws, and they would be a smart buy for budget-minded mobile lawyers.


Xero Accounting for Law Firms

If you are in the market for accounting software, and would like something that is better than QuickBooks in several ways, worse in several others, and a bit better overall, then I recommend Xero.


Pad & Quill’s Handmade iPad Mini Cases

I basically gushed about Pad & Quill’s iPad 2 cases when I reviewed them in two years ago, so I was excited to get a pair of cases to review with my iPad Mini.


The Best Scanners for Lawyers

Six document scanners to consider for your law practice, whether or not you are paperless, plus two upcoming reviews.


The Best Computer Monitor Setup for Lawyers

Lawyers spend much of our time staring at a computer monitor. While you can run Microsoft Word and whatever else you use to manage your practice on a five-year-old laptop (at least), a fuzzy picture, poor contrast, and limited adjustment will ruin your eyesight and contort your spine. Get a good monitor, and set it up properly.


Estate Map Review

Estate Map, a cloud-based tool for estate planning attorneys and consumers, embraces cloud-based technology and provides an easy way to store and share information about one's estate plan and related information.


Epson Workforce GT-S50, A Viable Alternative to the ScanSnap

OK, there, I said it. I no longer use a ScanSnap. I’ve used an Epson Workforce GT-S50 for over a year now, and it is a very good desktop scanner. Whew, it felt good to get that off my chest. This must be what its like to admit you are a Cubs fan. Empowering. I’m […]


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Review

The ThinkPad Tablet 2 is an excellent Windows tablet. The problem is that Windows tablets aren't a very good idea in the first place, and the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is no exception. It is a study in compromises, and using it often feels like a chore.


Workflows: The Productivity Tool We’ve Been Waiting For?

This week practice management provider MyCase rolled out its Workflow tool to users. Workflows allow users to create a template of recurring tasks and calendar entries and apply them to matters with one click, and create the same tasks and calendar entries whenever necessary in a new matter.


Logikcull: the Choice for Mobile E-Discovery?

The effect technology has had on the legal field over the last few years is clear, as the amount of discoverable data and the number of discovery software providers continue to rise. Attorneys and legal professionals alike, once they accept that e-discovery is discovery, are left to mull through the myriad of discovery software options. […]


BlackBerry Z10 Review

If you are laser-focused on communication, take yourself very seriously, and you don't use much social media, you will probably be happy with the BlackBerry Z10.

MobiLit Screen shot

MobiLit iPad Trial Presentation App, Review

MobiLit is the newest entry into a crowded trial presentation field that is dominated by TrialPad and Exhibit A. What makes it different? It is designed to wirelessly project its presentation to other iPads. Additionally, it can send images to a projector or even a TV with an Apple TV or direct wired connection. While […]


HP ZR2330w Monitor Review

The HP ZR2330w is a very good 23" monitor for a very attractive price. But the Dell UltraSharp U2412M is a slightly better buy.

ASUS phablet

Sync Microsoft Outlook with DejaOffice over Wi-Fi with CompanionLink

Free app and paid sync software pair up to sync data between computer, cloud and tablet/smartphone. It's a tad pricey but works without mangling data.

Luxa2 4

LUXA2 H4 iPad Stand Review: Weird Name, Great Stand

The LUXA2 H4 iPad stand is a quality stand for the iPad or any tablet. Sturdy, easy to use and adjustable. Good buy.