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Getting Things Done, for Lawyers

How to implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity system in your law practice.


How to Design Your Firm’s Paperless Workflow

Buying a good document scanner is obviously critical for going paperless. So is a solid backup strategy. But there is a bit more to going paperless than that. You need to think about your paperless workflow. In other words, how will make sure you collect, scan and file all the documents that come into your […]


How to Organize Paperless Client Files

Organize paperless client files exactly how you organize paper files now.


The Best Computer Monitor Setup for Lawyers

Lawyers spend much of our time staring at a computer monitor. While you can run Microsoft Word and whatever else you use to manage your practice on a five-year-old laptop (at least), a fuzzy picture, poor contrast, and limited adjustment will ruin your eyesight and contort your spine. Get a good monitor, and set it up properly.


Evernote Tips, Resources and Review

I agree with Sam, “Evernote is one of the most awesome bits of software ever made.” And we’re not the only ones. According to Bloomberg Businessweek’s Rob Walker, as of Feb. 2013, “Evernote says it has 50 million users around the world (a third in the U.S.) and is adding 100,000 a day.” However, because […]


Too Busy? When to Hire Help

When faced with a “feast” of too much work, don’t panic or rush into making a full-time hire. Take some time. Determine what you need, how often you need it, and which option of meeting that need will be most profitable.


Hacking Your Morning Routine

I see fellow members of the bar rush into court with their tie half undone and their notes in disarray on a regular basis. A regular enough basis that I assume others must be struggling to get everything done in the morning. So it is with fellow busy morning people in mind that I share this advice.


Q: What Practice Management Software Should I Use?

This is one of the most-common questions I get from lawyers. Unfortunately, most lawyers skip the necessary preliminary question: Should I use practice management software?


Solving the Multitasking Problem?

I have two monitors on both my home and office computers. At any given time I have 6-15 tabs open in Chrome. I talk on the phone, review my calendar, and respond to e-mail at the same time. And, apparently, it is slowly increasing my stress, demolishing my productivity, and possibly hurting my IQ. It […]


Google Search App for iOS with Google Now Review

Lawyer: Computer, when is the Smith deposition? Computer: The Smith deposition is currently scheduled for July first. However, the weather forecast for Chicago shows an eighty percent chance of severe thunderstorms on that date, it’s the same day as your 25th wedding anniversary and you have an unread email from Mr. Smith indicating that he […]


Need In-Your-Face Reminders? Try These Two Tools

If even the best organizing system doesn't get you focused, maybe you need something a bit more "in your face". Consider these two tools.

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Our Favorite Books About Lawyering (and Other Stuff)

Looking for some summer reading? Check out some of our writers' favorite books---and they are not all about lawyers!


The Best Advice Can Be To Ignore Others

Young attorneys need to carefully consider the source and content of advice when making a critical decision.


Workflowy Review

Workflowy may just be the best note-taking, list-making tool ever.


Your Practice Should Fit Your Personality

There is more than one way to achieve client goals---attorneys need to trust their gut when making decisions.