Like it or not, the law is going paperless. Fortunately for you, some of our contributors were on the leading edge of the move from hard copies to digital copies, and have been writing about the hardware, software, tips, and tricks you need to go paperless for years.

Not sure where to start? If you aren’t ready to commit to going paperless, yet, Deborah has a great post on things you can do before you go paperless. Ready to get started? Check out Sam’s posts on getting started, designing your workflow, and organizing digital client files.

Or just browse the archives …


Nuance Power PDF Advanced – Better Than Adobe Acrobat?

Nuance Power PDF Advanced is half the cost of Acrobat Standard, and much more useful. It doesn't quite measure up to Acrobat Professional, though.


3 Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat

Unfortunately, Acrobat Professional — the version you want for legal work — starts at $449 (or $240/year). But there are alternatives that don’t cost an ongoing arm and a leg. Here are a few to consider.


How to Design Your Firm’s Paperless Workflow

Buying a good document scanner is obviously critical for going paperless. So is a solid backup strategy. But there is a bit more to going paperless than that. You need to think about your paperless workflow. In other words, how will make sure you collect, scan and file all the documents that come into your […]


How to Organize Paperless Client Files

Organize paperless client files exactly how you organize paper files now.


How to Secure Your Paperless Office

There is more to a paperless office than just scanning everything and accessing your documents when you’re at home, on vacation, or in court. Even if your office is not paperless, you are certainly storing data and documents on computers. But do you know where all that data is being backed up? Is it being backed […]

Clean Desk

Attorney’s Guide to Going Paperless

On August 29th I will be presenting a teleconference Attorney’s Guide to Going Paperless for NBI. Among the topics that we will discuss are reasons for going paperless, what you need to get started, implementing a paperless workflow and digital file management. CLE is available for most states and will qualify for 1.5 to 2.0 hours […]


Strategies for Vacationing as a Solo Attorney

OK, lets get this out of the way. You need to take vacation time. My personal opinion is that most lawyers need at least 4 weeks a year, preferably much more. What we do is damn stressful. So time away from the office grind is essential. It helps you refresh. It helps you reboot. It […]


Four Things Lawyers Can Learn from Weight Lifters

We take a look at some lessons that apply as well in the gym as they do in your law practice.

laptop and stethoscope

Electronic Medical Records: A Primer

I’ve litigated personal injury cases for nearly 25 years and I’ve read literally millions of pages of medical records. The advent of electronic medical records (EMRs, also known as EHRs for Electronic Health Records) was touted as the answer to many litigators complaints: Handwritten records were often incomplete, confusing and illegible. And while a printout […]

Jumbo Monitor

In a Paperless Office, A Bigger Monitor is Better

Be more efficient in your paperless office. Switch to a jumbo monitor (27" plus) for more efficient creation and review of documents.


Paperless Tip: Never Ever Send Word Files as Correspondence

Word files should never be sent as correspondence. It allows unscrupulous people to alter your letters and present them as evidence. Only send PDFs.

High Fidelity

Top 5 iOS Apps I Can’t Live Without

What are your top 5 iOS apps you can't live without? Todd Hendrickson lists his, along with an homage to High Fidelity.


Being Paperless is an Advantage When Disaster Strikes

A paperless and digital practice can help you stay in practice in the event of natural disasters, medical and family emergencies.


JuryPad for iPad Review

JuryPad, the latest iPad jury selection application for lawyers, simply doesn't give a trial lawyer the tools to conduct an effective voir dire.


Going Paperless: Acrobat Tips and Tricks (Part 3 of 3)

Going paperless is a continuing process. Once you’ve got what you need and have developed your workflow, streamline as many processes as possible.