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Update Now: Internet Explorer Security Flaw Can Be Exploited by Malicious Websites

On Saturday, Microsoft announced a zero-day1 security flaw that affects all versions of Internet Explorer. Here’s how it works.


Heartbleed: What Lawyers and Law Firms Need to Know

What the Heartbleed security breach really means for lawyers and law firms, without too much techno-jargon or over-use of dumbed-down metaphor.


The Internet: a Primer for Lawyers and Everyone Else

"If you don't have a basic understanding of the technology you entrust with your clients' information … I think you probably are not competent to represent anyone."


Blind Faith: Litigating in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

The FISC may very well be a national treasure. It may very well have done an exemplary job. But this contention, like the contention that the FISC is nothing more than a rubber stamp, is beside the point. Litigating in the FISC is like arguing with a brick wall.


Is Dropbox Right for Your Practice?

Dropbox is an extremely popular cloud computing option. Just because it's popular, however, does not mean it's right for your practice. Here are some things to consider before using Dropbox in your practice.


Social Engineering May Be a Greater Threat to Client Files Than “Hackers”

I just finished reading hacker Kevin Mitnick‘s book, Ghost in the Wires, about his escapades leading up to his imprisonment for hacking. What struck me was how much of his “hacking” was really social engineering. Quite often, Mitnick just called someone on the phone and asked them for what he needed: up to and including […]

Secure Your Web Travels with These 5 Online Tools

Use these 5 online tools to ensure a safer, enjoyable online experience and secure your web travels.

“[L]awyers [must] have (and maintain) proficient knowledge and skills related to legal technologies”

In the LAB, Nicole Black is (unsurprisingly) full of good information on ethics and the cloud: Also, the ABA recently revised Model Rule 1.1 to require lawyers to not only to maintain a knowledge of law and a level of skill in the practice of law, but it also now requires lawyers to have (and […]

Ethics and the Cloud, State-by-State

Want to know what your state thinks about cloud computing? Thanks to Nicole Black’s post in the LAB, here is the ABA’s handy reference chart so you can see what your state’s ethics board thinks about cloud computing. Currently, by the way, lawyers in all 50 states may use the cloud. Ethics boards in 13 […]

Review: LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is a great password manager for anyone who wants access to their passwords anywhere, with minimal setup and ease of use.

Client Data and Cloud Computing

Ironically, the Luddites who refuse to even consider putting client data in the cloud would be better off if they did. Their clients would be, anyway.

Stronger Law Office Security With Keepass Password Management

Keepass provides an open source, easy to use solution to password management to increase security of the mobile law office that runs on cloud computing.

No Time Like the Present to Update Passwords

Now is a great time for lawyers to update passwords.

Secure Your Gmail Account

Lawyers can take a number of steps to make sure that Gmail accounts are secure.

Facebook Privacy in a S.N.A.P.

How lawyers can use S.N.A.P. to check their Facebook privacy settings.