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Does Your Disclaimer Really Disclaim?

Lawyers put lengthy disclaimers on everything they send, but do they actually do any good? Perhaps – so they are worth using just in case.


Just Like Lawyers, Legal Marketers Can Be Good or Bad

A few shameful legal marketers should not taint all legal marketers.


Law Firm Sues the Rainmaker Institute for Failed SEO [UPDATED]

It’s hard to feel much sympathy for Seikaly & Stewart. Regardless whether the Rainmaker Institute actually has anything valuable to sell, it’s pitch reminds me of those late-night infomercials that promise to teach you to get rich from flipping houses or selling gold if you will just attend a very expensive seminar at a hotel near the airport.


How In-House Counsel Use Social Media

Be wary of articles that tout the legal marketing ROI from using social media. Look closely at the statistics being cited. Often, they are not as compelling as many social media enthusiasts would like you to believe.


How to Build Your Law Practice Like a Kid

The basic principles of running a law practice are the same common-sense business principles kids use in neighborhood businesses.

our favorite books about lawyers

Our Favorite Books About Lawyering (and Other Stuff)

Looking for some summer reading? Check out some of our writers' favorite books---and they are not all about lawyers!


Q: Are There Good Clients Online?

If you go all-in with online marketing, could you get the kind of business you hope for in your wildest dreams?


Top 5 Tips to Draw Readers to Your Blog

I've been thinking a lot about what elements a blog post needs to draw readers' attention. Here are my top 5.


Imagery: the Cure for the Common Website

Generic images make your website looks generic. Use creative imagery that visually represents your firm and the needs of your clients.


Better Call Saul: The Best Law Firm Website

Looking for the best law firm website? Look no further, it's Better Call Saul from Arizona attorney Saul Goodman.

A bad example of lawyer video.

Lawyers, Google+, YouTube & Online Video

For lawyers Google+, YouTube & Online Video can be a very effective way to demonstrate expertise and enhance their professional web profile.


3 Steps to a Better Attorney Profile

Follow these 3 steps to build a better attorney profile and turn potential clients into paying clients.


Networking and Websites Are Your Best Bet for Marketing

the most important marketing tools for attorneys are networking efforts and your website


Blogging is Good For Your Firm

A blog can be a powerful marketing tool for lawyers and their law firm.


The One Must-Have for All Lawyer Websites

It's not great design or clever copy or superb SEO. It has nothing to do with puff. It's about getting personal.