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5 Alternatives To Dropbox

No matter what your reason, you can now jump ship and take your data with you. No way we’re looking at the 25+ services listed on Wikipedia, but here are five that you might consider.


How to Promote Your Pro Bono Project with Gangsta Rap

EPM (Eric Mirabel) wasn’t happy with the way Legal Cheek and Above the Law covered his gangsta rap video. He says he just wanted to promote his pro-bono project to help veterans injured in service.


The 5 Most Provocative #ABATechShow Session Titles

So you’ve been asked to speak at ABA TechShow. But there are a ton of sessions. How will you make yours stand out on the conference schedule? How will you get people excited to hear you speak?


6 Legal Technologies That Should Be Obsolete

Sure, we don’t use quills or mimeographs anymore, but there is a pretty good chance you still have a fax machine taking up space in your office.


Watch This Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Over-the-Top Ad

Choice quotes: Related“‘Coming From the Hip-Hop Culture, It’s Important to Be Fresh at All Times’: The man behind the best (or worst) lawyer commercial ever made speaks out.” [Slate] “Consequences. They sure suck, don’t they?” “Laws are arbitrary.” “I may have a law degree, but I think like a criminal.” “I make jail visits … because […]


Pad & Quill’s Handmade iPad Mini Cases

I basically gushed about Pad & Quill’s iPad 2 cases when I reviewed them in two years ago, so I was excited to get a pair of cases to review with my iPad Mini.


How to Keep Track of Your Time

Even if you only put together your bill at the end of the month, you need to track your time as you go. These are the major tools for doing that.


Best Law Firm Websites, 2014 Edition

Out of over 50 nominations, we have narrowed the field down to the ten best law firm websites. There were many good nominations, but the top ten are some really excellent, responsive websites.


This Lawyer’s Epic Super Bowl Ad Will Blow You Away

This ad aired locally in Georgia during an entire two-minute commercial break. It has everything. Walls of flame. Sledgehammers. Heavy metal soundtrack.Just watch.

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Annotate PDF Documents on Your iPad

One of the most-useful things you can do with an iPad is view and annotate PDF documents.


Fastcase Plans to Make “Kick-Ass” Bankruptcy Software a Reality

CEO Ed Walters says Fastcase is “pretty good at making kick-ass software,” and he plans to build a cloud-based version of TopForm that meets that standard. Which might make it the first bankruptcy software that actually does.


Get These Apps for Your New Tablet

If you’ve got a new tablet (or if there is one waiting under your tree), you will probably trying every app in the store. Keep at it, by all means, but to focus your app addiction, I reached out to two specialists: Jeff Taylor of The Droid Lawyer, and Jeff Richardson of iPhoneJD. Here are the apps […]


The Best Scanners for Lawyers

Six document scanners to consider for your law practice, whether or not you are paperless, plus two upcoming reviews.


Best Law Firm Websites, 2013 Edition

This year's best law firm websites are all visually striking, with many have unique features. Make sure you watch the video on The Kim Law Firm website, check out the parallax effect on Sandage Bell's, and look for the cheeky copy on Mighty Marks.


7 Famous Lawyers with Lower Avvo Ratings than Mine

7 famous lawyers, from Eric Holder to Abraham Lincoln, who don't measure up to my lawyering prowess.