Law Practice FAQ


Q: Doesn’t My Password Protect My Computer?

A: No. There are basically two “doors” to your computer. Your password only protects one.


Q: What Practice Management Software Should I Use?

This is one of the most-common questions I get from lawyers. Unfortunately, most lawyers skip the necessary preliminary question: Should I use practice management software?


Q: Are There Good Clients Online?

If you go all-in with online marketing, could you get the kind of business you hope for in your wildest dreams?


Q: What is “The Cloud”?

The cloud is ... well, just read the post. It's a bit complicated, but I've tried to break it down.


Q: Can I Make a Part-Time Law Practice Work?

A: Part-time law practice comes with its own set of challenges, but you can absolutely make it work — and it is a heckuva lot smarter than trying to have a law practice in your spare time. In fact, if you can balance the competing demands of a law practice and whatever you need to […]


Q: Is Starting a Law Practice in My Spare Time a Good Idea?

A: Among lawyers dissatisfied with their current occupation (hereinafter “Evil Day Job” or “EDJ”), it is a popular fantasy that it is a good idea to start a law practice in one’s spare time. Undoubtedly, some lawyers have done so successfully. This does not mean it is a good idea. The problem boils down to […]


Q: Do I Need Microsoft Office?

A: No, absolutely not. But, you probably ought to have it, anyway.


Q: Should I Get a Mac or a PC?

A: It doesn’t matter. Fans of each system (and let’s not leave out Linux’s rabid fan base or Chrome OS’s growing one) have a litany of reasons why their choice is the only one that makes sense. But it really doesn’t matter. You can run a law practice just fine on any computer with an […]


Q: Is File Sync (Dropbox, et al.) Safe?

This is a world you’ll never understand. And you always fear what you don’t understand. — Carmine Falcone, in Batman Begins A: Yes, essentially. And fine under the ethics rules. Most of what you may have heard to the contrary comes from people who don’t understand the cloud — so they fear it.

Q: Is Online Social Networking Worth My Time?

A: Sure, in the same way that email is worth your time. Online social networks are, like offline social networks, a way to stay in touch with family, friends, and acquaintances. If you use social networks — online or offline — for that purpose, they will be worth your time in the same way watching […]

Q: Should I Send Christmas Cards?

A: No. For two reasons. First, because holiday cards are a great example of lawyers doing business just like everyone else. That’s why, between Thanksgiving and a week or so into the next year, nearly everyone sends holiday cards. It’s a great way not to differentiate yourself or your firm in any way. Your card […]

Q: What Computer Should I Buy?

A: In general, people spend way too much time worrying about which computer to buy. While I don’t necessarily recommend it, you can run a law practice just fine on a crappy hand-me-down Windows PC. My current Dell desktop cost me $300 when I bought it new five years ago, and I’m only now getting […]

The Law Practice FAQ

I started Lawyerist because I have a lot of strong opinions that I think everyone should know about. Also, because I got tired of sharing those opinions with one person at a time. I had an idea that Lawyerist would become a repository of my answers to frequently-asked questions about law practice, so that I […]