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How to Tailor Your Web Presence to Your Marketing Goals

Not every law firm needs a blog or a social media presence to be successful online. Cater your strategy to your marketing goals.


Free White Paper: “10 Things the Best Law Firm Website Designs Have in Common”

Good design is the foundation of a website that brings in business. Get our free white paper, "10 Things the Best Law Firm Website Designs Have in Common."


Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Write Their Own Website Copy

You went to law school to learn about law, not marketing. Hire someone who can write website copy for you.


Read This Article to Learn Everything You Need to Know About SEO

If you want to know what search-engine optimization is all about, spend a few minutes with this article from HubSpot.


7 Questions Your Website Should Answer

Do not leave potential clients hanging. Answer these seven questions on your website to turn visitors into solid leads.


The One Secret to Online Legal Marketing

All law-firm websites plans should be created with this one simple idea in mind.


Get Your Law Blog Off Your Law Firm Website

Law blogs and law firm websites don't mix. Get your law blog off your law firm website, or just stop blogging.


Make Your Law-Firm Website’s First Sentence Count

Ten seconds is about how long you have to convince the average visitor to your law firm website to stick around. That is just about long enough to read one sentence — so it better be a good one.


30-Minute WordPress Setup Guide

If you do not have a website, you are probably missing out on clients, networking opportunities, and more. Although you’ll never know unless you get with the program and get yourself a website.


Best Law Firm Websites, 2014 Edition

Out of over 50 nominations, we have narrowed the field down to the ten best law firm websites. There were many good nominations, but the top ten are some really excellent, responsive websites.


3 Things Your Law Firm Website Should Have

You should probably have a law firm website. A website is sort of like having a business card — a necessary part of being a professional who is open for business. Many many lawyers have been told this but never seem to have thought past it. Why should you probably have a website for your […]


The Best 2013 Law Firm Website: Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer

The voting is in, and the website of Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer wins our best law firm websites, 2013 edition with a convincing 32% of the votes!


Just Like Lawyers, Legal Marketers Can Be Good or Bad

A few shameful legal marketers should not taint all legal marketers.


Survey Says: Your Website Needs Improvement

Looking for feedback about your law firm’s website? Was your site overlooked by Sam, Aaron and Greg? You can now use Google consumer surveys to measure your visitors’ site satisfaction for free. Perhaps the best way to improve your legal website or blog is to listen to what your visitors have to say about it. […]


Best Law Firm Websites, 2013 Edition

This year's best law firm websites are all visually striking, with many have unique features. Make sure you watch the video on The Kim Law Firm website, check out the parallax effect on Sandage Bell's, and look for the cheeky copy on Mighty Marks.