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My Three Favorite iOS Text Editors

I have tried a lot of text editors, and I like a lot of them, but Byword, Nebulous Notes, and Drafts have consistently been my favorites. Here is why.

2013-09-21 16.12.04

Clio Releases its iPhone App

Clio's iPhone app shows that great legal software can be great-looking, too. If you are a Clio user, get it now, and start keeping track of your practice from your iPhone.

High Fidelity

Top 5 iOS Apps I Can’t Live Without

What are your top 5 iOS apps you can't live without? Todd Hendrickson lists his, along with an homage to High Fidelity.


Hands on With MyCase’s New iPhone App

I take the new MyCase iPhone app for a spin.

task management app

Any.DO: A versatile task management tool

Any.DO is a versatile, user-friendly, web-based task management app that makes it easy to keep track of "to dos."


Is It Time to Jailbreak Your iPhone?

A jailbreak for most iOS devices is due out this weekend. But maybe you don't why your iPhone is in jail, or how jailbreaking can help you. Read on to find out.


Use the Lift App to Help You Meet Personal Goals

When you work from home, it is easy to let yourself go. I prefer to work from home, even though I still have an office, but there are tradeoffs. I get even less exercise than I would at my office, especially in the winter, and I see very few people on a typical day. And […]

Using Apple iOS 6 in Your Law Practice

How attorneys can use iOS 6 to run their law practice from their smartphone.

iPhone 5 Review

The iPhone 5 is a fantastic phone, for lawyers or anyone else. It's definitely worth the upgrade, at least for anyone with an iPhone 4 or earlier.

Apple Announced the iPhone 5 Today. Get Ready for the Future of Law Practice!

Just kidding. It’s just a phone. But it’s pretty cool, even if it’s not remotely a surprise and the updates are fairly tame by Apple’s recent standards. Here’s a first look from The Verge, and a run-down of the new features. You can order it starting Friday. I’ll be getting mine so that I can […]

YouMail and TouchBase Enhance Your iPhone’s Native Calendar and Voicemail

iPhone apps YouMail and TouchBase enhance the calendar and voicemail functions, making it easier to stay organized.

3M MP225 Mobile Projector Review

3M's MP225 Mobile Projector is easy to use, portable, and produces excellent images when connected to an iPhone or iPad

Should Lawyers Use the iPhone 4S for Dictation?

Lawyers should consider using Apple's iPhone 4S for dictation. It's simple, cost-effective and ethical to do so.

Listening Your Way to New Business

Listening is the most effective sales technique. The way to sell effectively is to meet a prospective client and have five intelligent questions ready.

Tune Out Technology

Reduce technology usage when not at work and it will increase productivity