Google Apps


A Week with

I spent a week test driving's hosted e-mail account. How does it stack up against Google Apps for Your Domain?

Gmail 2.0 for iOS Just Released, Adds Multiple Account Support

Version 2.0 of Gmail for iOS is here! The new look is great and all, but what I’m really excited about is the ability to use multiple accounts. Which means I can finally turn off all notifications on the regular mail app and move it to my Unused folder. That was one of the last […]

Google Drive Released. Time to Move to the Cloud?

So does Google Drive herald the beginning of the end of desktop computing? Possibly.

Google Announces ‘New’ Privacy Policy

Google has consolidated almost all of its policies into one universal policy. The new policy doesn't apply to Google Apps users.

Ditch PowerPoint For Google Presentations

With new and enhanced features, the free Google presentations effectively replaces Microsoft's PowerPoint


New Solo Technology Shopping List: the Basics

New solos spend a lot of time thinking about technology, probably because picking out a laptop and setting up a website aren’t taught in law school. To make it easier, we’ve put together a “shopping list” for new solos so you can focus on getting and serving clients, not poring through document scanner reviews. This […]

Get More From Google Docs

Google Docs has some new features that make it more useful for attorneys.

Enhance Gmail’s Usefulness

New features for Gmail make it even more useful for lawyers.

Search Gmail and Google Docs Simultaneously

Why lawyers should use Gmail and Google Apps for their law office email, calendar, and contacts management.

My Law Practice Management Tools

Tools to help you manage your law practice. A review of the software and tools for staring a solo law practice.

Organize Email Attachments with DokDok

DokDok can help lawyers organize and manage email attachments.

Make the Most of Google Docs

How lawyers should use Google Docs to ensure privacy and get the most from the program.

Store All Your Documents Online with Google

If you are considering a cheap way to store documents online, considering using Google Docs, which now allows you upload documents to store online. Prior to the change, only documents created with Google Docs could be stored online. For solo and small firm practitioners, the service is a great way to allow multiple users to access […]

Protect Your Google Accounts

Protect the security of your Google accounts by keeping good records.

Google Apps Missing Features

The Google Apps I use in my firm---Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts---have some great features. They also have some crippling omissions that frustrate me on a daily basis.