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30-Minute WordPress Setup Guide

If you do not have a website, you are probably missing out on clients, networking opportunities, and more. Although you’ll never know unless you get with the program and get yourself a website.


Should You Allow Comments on Your Law Blog?

Do law blogs in general have the kind of niche audience (lawyers) that makes comments better than usual?


Can You Disseminate Embarrassing Client Information Online And Get Away With It?

A Virginia lawyer's blog including embarrassing details about clients is protected by the First Amendment -- but not exempt from attorney advertising rules.


Just Like Lawyers, Legal Marketers Can Be Good or Bad

A few shameful legal marketers should not taint all legal marketers.

Lawyerist Sites Update – July 2013

A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of Lawyerist Sites, our new service to design and host law firm websites and law blogs. Since then, we have helped a number of law firms launch new websites and we are excited to welcome them to the Lawyerist Sites Network. Bahgat & Bahgat, LLC—the Hub City […]


Great Legal Marketing Advice: Thomas Goldstein

There’s a lot of legal marketing advice out there. So, when really great advice pops-up, it’s worth highlighting. In a recent podcast at ABA Journal, SCOTUSblog founder, Thomas C. Goldstein, shares some really excellent advice for business development and marketing. While some of Goldstein’s advice relates specifically to developing a Supreme Court practice, most of […]


How In-House Counsel Use Social Media

Be wary of articles that tout the legal marketing ROI from using social media. Look closely at the statistics being cited. Often, they are not as compelling as many social media enthusiasts would like you to believe.


Blogging Makes New Lawyers Rich and Famous

It's true! Write a great headline, and fame and fortune are yours in the blogging world.


Top 5 Tips to Draw Readers to Your Blog

I've been thinking a lot about what elements a blog post needs to draw readers' attention. Here are my top 5.

Lawyerist Sites

Build an Amazing Law Firm Website or Law Blog with Lawyerist Sites

Announcing the launch of Lawyerist Sites, a new service to design and host your law firm website or law blog.


Lawyers’ Snark Sandwich, Served Fresh Daily

Supercharge your blawg by learning to craft your posts with gourmet snark.


Why Your Blog Sucks (and What To Do About It)

This is the text of the talk I gave this afternoon at the Lawyernomics marketing conference in sunny Las Vegas about why law blogs suck and how to make them awesome.

Two Videos on Writing a Law Blog that Doesn’t Suck

Here is a sneak peek at what I will be talking about on Friday in my presentation, "Why Your Blog Sucks, and What To Do About It."


5 Useful (and Free) Web-based Blogging Tools

5 useful web-based tools and apps to help blogging lawyers locate, create, share and track their blog posts.


Your Blog Still Does Not Belong on Your Law Firm Website

Last night, Kevin O’keefe tweeted a link to my “classic” post on law blogging, “Get Your Law Blog Off Your Law Firm Website“.