TranscriptPad Updates to Version 2.0

If you are handling depositions, you should get TranscriptPad. (And by the way, if you are trying cases without TrialPad, it just may be malpractice.)


TrialPad 4.0: Trial Presentation Made Easy

TrialPad is an outstanding addition to anyone’s trial arsenal. It simply and elegantly duplicates the most-used trial presentation features at far less cost than the competition.


Every Legal App For Android

There are plenty of Android apps for lawyers including apps for case management, billing, trial preparation, and legal research. This list includes every legal app for Android that we could find.


Every Legal App for iPhone and iPad

iOS apps for lawyers abound, whether for case management, billing, or trial preparation. This page has every legal app for iOS that we could find.


My Three Favorite iOS Text Editors

I have tried a lot of text editors, and I like a lot of them, but Byword, Nebulous Notes, and Drafts have consistently been my favorites. Here is why.

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“ShalePlay” is Bracewell’s App for Shale Oil Tycoons

I'm not yet convinced that law firms ought to be building apps, but at least the current "wave" of law firm apps are more than just a firm news feed and contact information.


DocketHero Promises to Help You Outsource Your Law Practice

DocketHero is an about-to-be-launched app that aims to make it easy to hire appearance counsel, couriers, law clerks, process servers — even ghost bloggers, for some reason.


Get These Apps for Your New Tablet

If you’ve got a new tablet (or if there is one waiting under your tree), you will probably trying every app in the store. Keep at it, by all means, but to focus your app addiction, I reached out to two specialists: Jeff Taylor of The Droid Lawyer, and Jeff Richardson of iPhoneJD. Here are the apps […]

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Clio Releases its iPhone App

Clio's iPhone app shows that great legal software can be great-looking, too. If you are a Clio user, get it now, and start keeping track of your practice from your iPhone.


Rocket Matter’s New Android App

Rocket Matter just announced a new app for Android. I think this makes Rocket Matter the first practice management software to release an app for Android, and definitely the only one that covers both the App Store and the Google Play store. According to the ABA’s 2013 technology survey, just 20% of lawyers use an […]


How GoodReader Changed My iPad Life

GoodReader is a must-have app for the iPad if you need to churn through giant PDFs and do some heavy-duty annotating. It also serves as a great cloud storage sync application, an offline reader, and much more.


Microsoft Brings Office to iOS

Today, Microsoft releases Office for iOS. There are a couple of catches, though.

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Trial Notebook for iPad Review

Trial Notebook from TabLit is an excellent iPad app to organize trial materials, giving you a portable, iPad version of the venerable trial notebook.


JuryPad for iPad Review

JuryPad, the latest iPad jury selection application for lawyers, simply doesn't give a trial lawyer the tools to conduct an effective voir dire.


The Best iPad PDF Annotation and Storage Apps

In this post I describe some of the most popular iPad apps used by lawyers for PDF storage, organization, and annotation.