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The Future of Practice Management is in the Cloud

The trend towards the cloud has been pretty clear for some time, but walking the EXPO Hall at ABA TechShow made it clear that we have passed the tipping point for practice management software. The future is in the cloud.


#ABATechShow 2014 Liveblog

We are live from ABA TechShow 2014! (It’s the closest thing to an Apple event that we get to do.) This is a slow-moving liveblog for updates from the EXPO Hall and from the sessions we attend. (Day Two coverage starts here, and Day Three coverage starts here.)

#LexThink.1 Liveblog from #ABATechShow 2014

At LexThink.1, produced by Matt Homann and JoAnna Forshee, 10 speakers get 6 minutes apiece to present 20 slides on a common theme. This year, the theme is “the end of irrelevance” (long version: “overcoming the significant challenges the legal profession is currently facing”). Here is the speaker lineup. The show starts at 7:30pm Central […]

2014 LexThink.1 Bingo

Get Your #LexThink.1 Bingo Card

I am convinced LexThink.1 would be even more fun if there were a side game for the audience. So this year, I've put together a bingo card. Or drinking game, as you please.


The 5 Most Provocative #ABATechShow Session Titles

So you’ve been asked to speak at ABA TechShow. But there are a ton of sessions. How will you make yours stand out on the conference schedule? How will you get people excited to hear you speak?

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Watch the Presentations from LexThink.1

LexThink.1?s emcee, Matt Homann, just put up all of the 6-minute presentations from this year’s LexThink.1.


5 Reasons You Should Go To ABA Tech Show Next Year

The ABA’s annual TechShow conference is awesome and you should go.


ABA TechShow Has a Diversity Problem

The 64 presenters at this year’s ABA TechShow were overwhelmingly white and male. I count 15 women (23%) and just 2 people of color (3% — although it is difficult to tell who might consider themselves a person of color just from a photograph). All of the LexThink.1 presenters who showed up were white and […]


Come Hang Out with Us Next Friday at 2 pm Central

At TechShow, I had a lot of great conversations with other geeks. It’s fun to share ideas, talk about tech and see what works (and what doesn’t) for lawyers in their practices. It just seems a shame that we really only get to do that once a year in Chicago. Fortunately, Ernie (formerly the Attorney) […]


The Future of Law is the Fundamentals

The future of law is the fundamentals, no matter what shiny gadgets you might see.


Clio Updates with NetDocuments and Xero Integration, Promises an iPhone App “Worth the Wait”

Clio just announced two integrations that add robust backoffice accounting (Xero) and serious document management (NetDocuments) to its already-great practice management package. Clio’s CEO, Jack Newton, also said his developers are putting together a mobile app that will be “worth the wait” (his words). I obviously don’t know exactly what he means by that, but […]


The Problem with Disruption and Law Practice #ABATechShow

The theme of this year’s LexThink.1 was disruption. I suppose that is because, with all the disruptive innovation happening all around us, everyone wants to know when it will come to law practice. So all the speakers talked about what will disrupt law practice, whether it’s virtual offices or LegalZoom or gamification or Big Data. […]


10 One-Sentence Ideas from LexThink.1 #ABATechShow

Each six-minute LexThink.1 presentation (similar to Pecha Kucha) is just long enough to get out a single idea — if the presenter is any good. The idea is to be entertaining and clever, not comprehensive. Actually, LexThink.1 may be entertaining for the audience, but since most of the presenters are seasoned speakers, it’s more like […]


Hands on With MyCase’s New iPhone App

I take the new MyCase iPhone app for a spin.

60 Websites in 60 Minutes from ABA TechShow

The popularity of “N things in N minutes” seminars is a little baffling to me, especially since you can apparently get CLE credit for some of these shallowest of all seminars. But the lists themselves can be interesting. This list of 60 websites from ABA TechShow contains everything from useful tools for lawyers to effective […]